Leaked Photo of iPad Mini? or better known as the ‘iPad Air’


There is no doubt that a new iPad is just around the corner. There has been clean evidence that Apple is working on a low-end version of the iPad to cater for the masses.

The image you see above were leaked by the Chinese tech site "Bolopad" and they claim that these are real images of the upcoming "iPad Mini". The name of the new iPad (whether Mini or Air) still remains a mystery to all.

Apple is said to be working on a 7.85 inch model that will probably use the same generation processor as the iPad 2.

Although we think these leaked images are nothing but fake as Apple has already abandoned the Maps and YouTube app in its new iteration of iOS and it certainly doesn't make sense to include these apps in the production model of the iPad Mini. Also, Apple likes symmetry and that thin bezel just doesn't add up to convince us.