Enable Facebook Integration iOS 6 Tutorial For iPhone, iPad And iPod Touch


As you know, it was only yesterday when Apple finally unveiled iOS 6. The latest update brings a plethora of new features. Most of these features had been rumoured for quite some time now. One such feature is Facebook integration. iOS 6 finally integrates the world's largest social network. This tutorial will show you how to enable Facebook integration on iOS 6 for iPhone, iPad and iPod touch.

Micro-blogging network Twitter was initially integrated in iOS 5 back last year. It was rumoured then that Apple and Facebook could not reach a mutual deal hence at the last moment Twitter integration was added. A year on from then and these two companies seem to have resolved those issues. Facebook has now been deeply integrated in iOS 6, and let me tell you this, it is awesome.

So what exactly does Facebook integration entail? Well it allows you to post a status right from Notification Center. This is pretty darn convenient, as it eliminates the need of opening Facebook iPhone app if you want to update your status. Pictures can be shared straight from the camera roll to a Facebook account that has been integration. So is the case with Safari through which web pages can be shared from within the app itself. Integration essentially means that all core features of Facebook can be used without actually having to open the native app.

The contacts app on your iOS device will automatically be populated with your Facebook contacts and the calender app will be filled with events you're a part of on Facebook. I for one found this a bit annoying, particularly because all this happens by default and has to be manually turned off. Nevertheless Facebook integration is amazing and it does do what it's supposed to do quite beautifully.

So how to enable Facebook integration in iOS 6? We have posted a video guide below, watch it and follow the steps. You'll have Facebook integrated in no time.

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    Looks awesome! Now I really hope that my UDID will be registered for iOS 6…

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    android rip off