How To Find Device UDID For iOS 6 Beta Activation


Apple announced iOS 6 earlier today at WWDC 2012. To install beta firmware on your iPhone, iPad or iPod touch you first need to know it's UDID so that it can be registered with Apple in it's developer program. This post will teach you how to find device UDID for iOS 6 beta activation. UDID registration is compulsory before installation of beta firmware. This is because beta firmware is only seeded to registered developers.

It should be kept in mind that you need to pay an annual fee of $99 to Apple if you want to be a registered developer. Since beta firmware is only seeded to developers, most people think it is impossible to get your hands on beta firmware if you're not a registered developer. Well that is false. We have already provided iOS 6 beta 1 IPSW download links for iPhone, iPad and iPod touch. You can download the firmware from there. As far as UDID registration is concerned, we have a program through which we offer free UDID activation for iOS 6 beta firmware. Enter the program and you just might get a free activation.

How To Find Device UDID:

Step 1: Launch iTunes after connecting your iOS device to the computer.

Step 2: Select your iOS device from the left sidebar. Locate where it says Serial Number in iTunes and click on it.

iOS 6 UDID Activation

When you click on where it's written Serial Number, it gets replaced by Identifier (UDID). In front of Identifier is a long line of alphabets and numbers, which happens to be the UDID of your device. Note it carefully and double check to ensure no mistakes have been made. Life may give you second chances, but it might not give you two free UDID registration slots.

iOS 6 UDID Registration

There you have it. The easy way to finding out device UDID. Once again, the UDID of your iOS device must be registered with a developer account before it can run beta firmware. Don't try installing beta firmware on your device without a UDID registration. Seriously, don't. If you have any questions about this process, leave a comment down below and we'll help immediately.

  • JLE

    Don’t try installing beta firmware on your device *WITHOUT* a UDID registration
    just clarifying?

    • Lota Man

      Fixed! Thanks for pointing it out!

      • Parnoor Khinda

        Hey Lota Man, do u know when the udids are going to be registered and are all of them going to be registered? thanks dude ur awesome!!

        • Lota Man

          You’ll have to wait for a bit, we receive a lot of entries and sorting through them manually takes a lot of time. Sent from my BlackBerry® Smartphone provided by Ufone

  • Parnoor Khinda

    After my UDID is registered (I don’t think it is registered just yet but I have applied) , how do I get the iOS 6 beta software onto my iPhone 4s? Thanks in advance!!

  • comtrak

    Once UDID registered..
    1) download IOS 6
    2) put you device in DFU mode and connect it to computer with itunes
    3) once itunes has detected yr phone in DFU mode click restore with (shift for windows – i think) and (alt for MAC) and point to the downloaded ipsw.

    Make sure your UDID is registered.

    • Parnoor Khinda

      if the udid is registered will u guys send us an email (I don’t think I’ve received one yet) , thank you so much u guys are awesome

      • comtrak

        I m not part of the team. You should talk to @lota man for that..

        • Parnoor Khinda

          thanks anyways dude

    • Parnoor Khinda

      how do we know if our udid is registered? thanks in advance u guys r awesome!!!

  • MolicaC

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  • Lucien Berezowski

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    • KaneCabal

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