How Can You Sell Used Cell Phones?


Because cell phone technology moves so quickly and changes so often many of you reading this will have at least one or two cell phones in your house or apartment that you don't use anymore. When the newer model became available you upgraded to it and now that old favorite phone is just left in a drawer somewhere gathering dust and being of no use to anyone. You've thought about maybe selling the phone to a friend or maybe selling it somewhere online but you don't want to have to jump through hoops just to get a few dollars for your phone.

There are easier ways to sell your used cell phone though and one of the easiest of those is to deal with a company like who not only offer some of the best prices out there for used cell phones but also offer a very fast and efficient way for you to get a great price for a phone you don't even want anymore. What's even better is that even if your phone is faulty the team at can offer you a great deal for phones from Apple, Blackberry, HTC, Nexus, Samsung and Motorola for example.

So instead of having to advertise on lots of different websites and answer e-mails from timewasters all you need to do it answer a few simple questions on the website and then just complete a simple form with your mailing information. Once receive your phone from you (in the postage paid envelope they send you) they then check it to make sure it's in the same condition you described it and once everything looks good you're sent a check in the post or your cash is put into your Paypal account for you.

Now is maybe a good time to go and check what phones you have lying around your home that could, potentially, be worth hundreds of dollars to you. You can sell used cell phones to and have lots of extra money in your bank account in less than a week.