Cell Phone Recycling Tips


The majority of cell phone owners will upgrade their handset roughly every 12 months or so but this isn't an exact science. Why? Well if Apple releases a new iPhone mid-year then people will scramble to be the first to own it and the same applies with other phones like the HTC and Samsung Galaxy range of handsets. It won't matter if the phone you have right now does everything you need it to because the "shiny new object" syndrome will have taken over and you'll be willing to do most things to get your hands on that new iPhone before any of your friends.

Now this leaves you with the dilemma of having several older cell phones on your hands all of a sudden. You have a couple of ways of handling the cell phone recycling process and the first of those is to simply give your old phone to a friend of yours which is a very generous gesture if you can afford it. The next option is to hand the cell phone in to a charity recycling shop where they refurbish the phones and then sell them on at a profit to generate money for charity.

But if you're stuck for some extra cash, and who isn't these days, then you can send your phone to the guys at HelloTotem.com and then spend the cash they send you on yourself or maybe even give the cash to different charities if you're so inclined. Remember that not all of those charity shops are legitimate so you might feel safer donating the cash yourself to charities of your choice?

The other big benefit of dealing with the HelloTotem.com team is that you'll get a far better price for your used iPhone or Blackberry there than you'll get on just about any other site online and the payment process is quick and easy and happens within about 48-hours from when they receive your phone.

Now at least you have another choice for recycling your cell phone.