Quadcore LTE 4G iPad 3 Rumoured To Be Announced In NYC Next Week


The LTE 4G iPad 3 with a quadcore processor is rumoured to be announced next week in New York City. This has been reported by CNBC who claim to have heard this from their sources.

4G iPad 3

Well connected sources has previously confirmed the announcement of iPad 3 on March 7. This date is yet to be contradicted by any fresh rumour. As February proceeds towards end, anxiousness surrounding iPad 3 release continues to rise each passing day. Much has been written and read about iPad 3 in the past few months. If Apple is keeping up with their release cycles this year, then the announcement will definitely be made in first week of March.

CNBC reports that Apple will be announcing iPad 3 next week in New York City. Their sources have also revealed some of the features. Allegedly, the iPad 3 is going to have a quadcore processor, 4G LTE support, a Retina Display and our favourite personal assistant, Siri.

At this point in time, anxious Apple fanboys/girls will believe anything. However, there are some anomalies in the report. New York City doesn't seem like a venue Apple would choose for a big product announcement. Besides that, Apple recently held an education event in New York City. Debate continues on which processor the 4G iPad 3 will boast. We've seen images of an A5X processor and reports claiming that Apple will stick with dualcore for this tablet. LTE support and Retina Display have been talked about much as well They are two features that will definitely make the cut, because there's no logical reason for them not to.

CNBC doesn't have a track record when it comes to predicting Apple products. Their report however does match up with WSJ's recent report. Wall Street Journal recently reported, with information from people familiar with the matter, that LTE 4G iPad 3 will have a Retina Display and LTE support. WSJ does have a good track record, but nothing can be said for sure until the actual announcements happen.

There's also a possibility that iPad 3 prices could see a hike of up to $80. Though we have to wait for the official iPad 3 announcement because you just can't be too sure with Apple.