Get Spotify, GPS And More On Siri With AssistantLove Jailbreak Tweak


Who doesn't love Spotify, GPS navigation and Siri? It's like a match made in heaven, but Cupertino decided not to follow suit in their labs. Luckily, the AssistantLove jailbreak tweak brings GPS, Spotify and a whole lot more to our favorite artificial assistant.


Ever since Siri was announced back at the iPhone 4S event, we kept wondering what developers will end up doing with it. Sure Apple made an amazing service, but there's always room for improvement. In the end of December 2011, the untethered jailbreak for iPhone 4S was finally released. Since then there have been a number of tweaks for Siri and each and every one of them is impressive in it's own way.

So AssistantLove has just gone live in Cydia and it is without a doubt an amazing jailbreak tweak. First and foremost you get Spotify integration. Just toggle Siri, tell it what song you want to hear and bam, it starts playing. There is an exception though. Results might not be satisfying given the fact that a lot of songs have similar names. Regardless, this jailbreak tweak is worth it. Among other things, there's GPS support as well. This works with TomTom, Navigon, Waze and MotionX-GPS. If you're not accustomed to the native Maps app, then use this tweak in order to get directions from these services.

That is not all. This tweak also allows you to create aliases for apps installed on your device. Once you have downloaded it from Cydia, go to and in the AssistantLove menu you'll be able to create aliases for apps. Then just toggle Siri, and if you've assigned Me Gusta to mobile Safari, just say launch Me Gusta!. It's smart enough to contextually launch apps as well.

The tweak is available for download now in Cydia with a price tag of $1.99. It is hosted by the BigBoss repository which is added by default after a device has been jailbroken. Obviously you will need a Spotify subscription to reap the countless benefits this music streaming service has to offer. Pre-requisites include a device running iOS 5.0 or higher with Siri.