Delete All Tweets On iPhone And iPad With Tweeticide App For iOS


Have you ever wanted to delete all tweets from your Twitter account? I can hardly imagine why. If you're one of those people, the new Tweeticide app for iPhone and iPad will delete all of your tweets right from your iOS account. Pretty convenient, right?.

Delete All Tweets

Our world is so intricately connected by social networks such as Twitter and Facebook that it is nearly impossible to keep online and offline lives apart from each other. There's a major downside. What goes online, is read by scores of people. While Facebook offers privacy, most people don't even make their tweets private. So any one from any where in the world can read what's up right now in your life. Most people would like to start afresh. Some simply delete their accounts and become born again Twitter users after a couple of months. Tweeticide app is a solution for people who prefer holding on to their Twitter handle, but get rid of all the previous tweets.

So the premise of this app is pretty simple. It allows you to delete all tweets using your iOS device. There are no other options to configure or features to try out. However there's a little catch. Google's cache might pick up your tweets for some time even after you've deleted them all. That is just temporary and will subside when the cache is refreshed.

However there's something that will probably not be refreshed. The U.S. Library of Congress, under a deal with Twitter, automatically archives undeleted tweets that are over 23 weeks old. Basically, even if you delete them from Twitter, Uncle Sam will have his eye on them. If you don't want your tweets to be archived in the future, simply use the #noloc hashtag at the end of every single tweet. Kind of tedious, I know.

Ready to delete all tweets with Tweeticide for iOS? Well you going to have to pay $0.99 for the app. You also require an iPhone, iPad or iPod touch with iOS 4.0 firmware or higher.

Download Tweeticide for iPhone, iPad and iPod touch from iTunes App Store.

(Thanks iMore)