Angry Birds Space For iPhone Releasing March 22


Angry Birds Space for iPhone is going to become the fourth addition to this insanely popular Rovio franchise. The teaser trailer posted today reveals release date which is March 22.

Angry Birds Space For iPhone

Anyone who has an iOS device has without a doubt heard of Angry Birds. Call this a hipster franchise as Angry Birds was cool way before Doodle Jump and Temple Run came along. Developed by Rovio, this game has continuously topped the free and paid charts of App Store. Angry Birds also holds distinction of being the most downloaded game all around the world.

The frenzy started off with the original Angry Birds game for iPhone. It's popularity went straight through the roof. Then came the HD iPad version which became equally popular. Rovio then began expanding it's popular game in to a franchise. Angry Birds Seasons was released only last year. Rovio then made another addition to the franchise after the hit film Rio was released. Angry Birds Rio followed in the footsteps of it's predecessors and also became a hit. Now, Angry Birds Space is going to the next addition to this franchise. Who is to say that it too won't be a hit?

Angry Birds Space for iPhone will no doubt have us slinging birds at egg stealing pigs in outer space. That much we know. Rovio has not revealed finer details yet. The teaser website is up along with the trailer on YouTube.

Rovio will release this game on March 22. It is unlikely that any more details will be made public before the actual launch. However I for one am tired of this franchise, and I am pretty sure a lot of other people are too.

Are you excited about Angry Birds Space for iPhone? Only time will tell whether it has the potential to maintain the legacy of Angry Birds franchise.