Speaktoit Assistant Is Another Siri Alternative – Download Now


Speaktoit Assistant is an app that was originally released for Android. This app holds its value well as a Siri alternative. Speaktoit for iPhone, iPad and iPod touch is available for download now.

Siri Alternative

It's the cold hard truth that Apple will never officially port Siri to devices other than iPhone 4S. This reality has lead people to figure out their own way for porting Siri. We've seen a number of jailbreak ports such as the Sara Siri clone. We've also seen apps that try to offer Siri like functionality, such as the Evi iPhone app. The fact remains however, nothing is like Siri.

Speaktoit Assistant is a virtual buddy for your iPhone or iPod that uses natural language technology to answer questions, find information, and connect you with various web services, such as Google, Facebook, Twitter, Foursquare, Evernote, and many others.

Feature wise Speaktoit Assistant is a lot better than any other Siri alternative. It can work with the device to get maps and weather information as well as do a search online for news and images. Speaktoit can also be used to send email and convert measurements or currencies. The best part is that users do not need to memorize special commands. The Assistant is perfectly capable of understanding normal English. Users also have the ability to change the appearance of Speaktoit Assistant. An old professor, a blonde or brunette girl, and a handsome agent are up for selection.

The developers say that they're in the process of updating Speaktoit. New features will be added soon. This actually gives it an edge over Siri which has yet to be updated. This app is compatible with any iPhone, iPad or iPod touch granted it's running iOS 4.0 firmware or higher.

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