iPhone 4S China Mobile SIM Issue Confirmed By Apple


Apple has confirmed the elusive iPhone 4S China Mobile SIM issue. If you're not a subscriber of China Mobile, this issue doesn't apply to you. So if news regarding the People's Republic doesn't really interest you, return to doing whatever you were before landing here.

iPhone 4S China Mobile SIM

Apple's latest iPhone is insanely popular in the Chinese market. The official iPhone 4S release in China fell victim to a riot due to which the company had to halt in-store sales of iPhone 4S across the country. Grey markets in China are well stocked with iPhone 4S units that scalpers send from all around the world. These units are sold at prices that are not at all justified, but the demand has not faltered one bit.

China Mobile has millions of subscribers in the country. Subscribers are facing iPhone 4S China Mobile SIM issue, as the network's card is not compatible with Apple's latest iPhone. Symptoms vary as some users have not been able to activate their iPhone 4S devices at all. Others complain of signal loss while some facing difficulties receiving calls even with full signal bars.

Apple customer service has taken notice of iPhone 4S China Mobile SIM card issue. They say that a fix will be released soon. It is not yet known whether this fix will be released in the upcoming iOS 5.1 firmware, which is reportedly going to roll out in March 2012. The network has also issued a statement that it recognizes this issue. China Mobile said last year that its SIM cards were compatible with the new iPhone. There's a possibility that this issue pertains to a specific batch of SIM cards. Meanwhile a purported fix of this issue is making the rounds.

Some users claim that they have been able to momentarily fix iPhone 4S China Mobile SIM card issue by altering network settings and updating firmware version to 9A406 for iPhone 4S. Other reports suggest that this method is of no use at all.

(via TNW)