Search iPhone Apps Using The New Yahoo Portal


Yahoo has launched a new portal through which one can search iPhone apps. This portal can also be used to search for Android apps.

Search iPhone Apps

Yahoo has been rapidly losing popularity since the last couple of years. They have shut down a number of services including in 2011 because of this very reason. Frankly speaking, "Yahoo! It" isn't a commonly used expression. While launching an app search portal won't exactly raise Yahoo's popularity through the roof, but it is nice to see that the company is working on unique services.

If you want to search iPhone apps, this portal is actually worth its while. Apps are divided in a number of categories. The landing page displays top paid, free and highest rated apps. Applications are also sorted on basis of their ratings, which makes it easier to determine whether or not an app has been recommend by previous users who downloaded it.

This app search portal uses the power of Yahoo search. When you search iPhone apps and find one that interests you, information of that particular app can be sent to your device which makes downloading it much easier. Yahoo App Search Portal will also display QR code and a link that redirects to iTunes App Store.

Search iPhone Apps Yahoo Portal

Yahoo's portal also makes it easier to research an app before making the decision to buy or download. User submitted reviews and ratings give detailed information. This portal really makes it easy to search iPhone apps.

The service is free to use. Android users have the added advantage of finding out whether or not an app supports their particular Android smartphone. You can visit the Yahoo App Search Portal here.