iPhone 5 Release Date Possibly In June At WWDC 2012


A new report indicates that iPhone 5 release date may fall in June. It is possible that Apple will announce their latest smartphone at Worldwide Developers Conference 2012, the way it has always done in the past.

iPhone 5 Release Date

Last year it was heavily rumoured that Apple would release iPhone 5 at WWDC 2011. There was no mention of an iPhone at WWDC 2011, instead they announced iPhone 4S in October. The company usually announces their new iPhones at the annual Worldwide Developer Conference. It looks like Apple is returning to their previous release pattern by announcing iPhone 5 at WWDC 2012 in June.

This Commercial Times report claims that iPhone 5 release date will fall in June with respect to WWDC 2012. The report also claims that the next iPhone will have glass-to-glass touch panel technology supplied by TPK Holding and Wintek. There is no confirmed date as yet but once Apple releases the schedule of this year's WWDC, it's going to be evident then.

It was obvious that Apple wouldn't stick with October release of new iPhones. The reason why iPhone 4S was released instead of iPhone 5 last year is that Apple needed time to perfect iPhone 5. Since they couldn't get it ready in time for a 2011 release, they shelved the project altogether and started working on iPhone 4S. This iPhone had no major changes design wise so its manufacturing process did not require much time. Last year the iPhone 5 release date was rumoured to fall in October, but at the announcement Apple literally shocked everyone by announcing iPhone 4S.

As far as hardware specifications of iPhone 5 go, there have been rumours about that as well. This iPhone is going to have a quadcore A6 processor, a bigger RAM, 4G compatibility and an all new design with a larger screen. Nothing can be said for sure until Apple officially announces iPhone 5 release date to the public.