iMessage Bug Keeps Delivering Messages Even After Swapping SIM Cards


A new iMessage bug has been discovered. This bug is pretty shocking to say the least. It turns out that due to this bug, iMessages will continue receiving your messages even after you have swapped SIM cards.

iMessage Bug

The story here is actually pretty simple, not to mention downright horrifying. A mother takes the iPhone 4 of her son to an Apple Store because the boy had reported some problems with it. Being their ever-so-magnanimous self, the Apple Geniuses vowed to fix the problem. They did fix the problem, after all that's what they're paid for. However at some point during repair, the person who was repairing this particular iPhone 4 inserted his SIM card. This is a normal procedure to ensure that the repaired device is in perfect working order. Little did this gentleman know that an iMessage bug would keep sending his iMessages to the boy's iPhone 4 even after he had removed his SIM card.

So what's exactly the fuss about? Well Wiz, the Genius who repaired that iPhone, keeps using iMessage through his own personal device normally. He has no knowledge, until now probably, that his messages are simultaneously being sent to that boy's iPhone 4. Not only that, replies to Wiz's messages are also being displayed. This iMessage bug is horrendous because it has literally opened up Wiz's personal life. Gizmodo has images to prove it.

If this iMessage bug isn't fixed, imagine all of your conversations in the hands of a stranger you just sold your iPhone to over the internet. Even if you give it to someone in your family, you won't like them reading your personal iMessage conversations. The iMessage app checks an inserted SIM card before initializing iMessage service. This bug will keep sending messages even after SIM cards have been swapped.

Since this issue has surfaced on the internet and has threatened an Apple employee, oh the irony!, the company is bound to take notice soon and release a firmware update that will hopefully fix this iMessage bug. Till then try not to sell your iPhone to a total stranger.

  • Bilal05

    After sim swipe…turn off iMessage an then back on…it will re send the activation SMS…that’s when the old numbers turns off…