Apple iPad 3 With A6 Processor And LTE Shown In iBoot Screenshots


iBoot screenshots reveal that Apple iPad 3 will have a quadcore A6 processor and LTE compatibility. Nothing new has been revealed. Nevertheless hype surrounding Apple's next tablet continues to grow as March comes closer with every passing day.

Apple iPad 3

BGR has received screenshots from an anonymous source. This source claims to have a prototype iPad 3 unit. The screenshots received depict the hardware specifications of this device, which is reportedly up for release next month. iBoot software has been used to grab internal hardware specs. Once again, nothing new has been revealed. These screenshots only clarify what was previously rumoured by a number of sources.

Apple iPad 3

iPad 3 Apple

Apple iPad 3 device models have been identified as iPad3,1 and iPad3,2. This means that there will be two separate models, which is obvious because there are separate WiFi and 3G iPads. Though it is possible for Apple's next tablet to have LTE compatibility. The quadcore A6 processor has model number S5L8945X. Currently the iPad 2 has a dualcore A5 processor. One can not expect Apple to release iPad 3 with the same processor. Once again, it was obvious that iPad 3 would be powered by A6 quadcore processor.


A host of other things have also been rumoured. It is expected that Apple iPad 3 will have a Retina Display. Rumours also have us believe that Apple will fit a 5 megapixel camera on the back. No major changes have been indicated in terms of design. It has been said though that the iPad 3 will be a bit thicker than iPad 2. We can't be sure until Apple officially announces the device.

There are many rumours regarding iPad 3 release date. If the company sticks with its release cycle, we might very well see Apple iPad 3 release in March. Till then, the hype continues to grow.