Buffer For iPhone App Now Available For Download


The Buffer for iPhone app has now been released. You can download Buffer app right away for iPhone, iPad or iPod touch from the iTunes App Store.

Buffer for iPhone

Buffer is an amazing service and is particularly geared towards those who like to share interesting stuff they find on social networks. Your may irk your followers if you're constantly sharing links that you find interesting. Buffer lets you schedule such postings and spreads them to various time frames in the whole day. Buffer lets you share cool and interesting stuff with the same frequency while eliminating the risk of irking your followers.

Buffer for iPhone app now makes it more convenient to accomplish the aforementioned tasks without being that weird person who is always sharing they find interesting. The app has a number of great features such as the ability to:

  • Add any article you are reading as a Tweet or Facebook post to your Buffer right from mobile Safari
  • Reorder, edit and delete your updates
  • Check on your analytics from inside the App
  • Swipe conveniently across different Twitter and Facebook accounts

You will have to sign up for Buffer service before you can take advantage of Buffer for iPhone. This service is absolutely free and so is the app. When you're reading an article in mobile Safari that you would like to share via Buffer, just use the bookmarklet to add that particular article to your Buffer queue. The service will automatically post out those articles throughout the day.

Buffer for iPhone is free to download from the iTunes App Store. It will work with any iPhone, iPad or iPod touch provided it is running iOS 4.3 firmware or higher. The app is a 1.5 mb download. There's no native app for the iPad as yet, but it is reportedly being developed.

Download Buffer for iPhone [Official App Store Link]