iPad 3 Release Date 2012 Reportedly Set In Early February


The iPad 3 release date 2012 has reported been set in early February. This latest report breaks previous rumours of an iPad 3 release in March 2012.

ipad 3 release date 2012

This particular report comes from Mackotara.jp, a Japanese publication with a hit or miss record when it comes to rumours about Apple. The report claims Apple is going to unveil iPad 3 and iOS 5.1 in early February. Previously the iPad 3 release date 2012 had been rumoured to be in March.

Mackotara cites sources in the US as well as an Asian supplier to establish their claim. It is further mentioned that Apple will only announce the iPad 3 in early February. Shipping will begin as planned in March. Regardless of the uncertainty surrounding iPad 3 release date 2012, iOS 5.1 will be rolled out to public in February. The release for an iPad 3 unveiling before shipping in March is because Chinese factories will not be kept open due to Chinese New Year celebrations. China is beginning its new year festival this year, but it is still a week long affair running from January 23 to January 28.

Manufacturers Foxconn and Pegatron are expected to start shipping iPad 3 in the first week of March. At this moment, all of this information is nothing more than a bunch of rumours. We won't know the iPad 3 release date for sure until Apple sends out press invites. Regardless of this uncertainty one this is for sure. Apple will launch a new iPad in the very near future.

The iPad 3 is reportedly going to come equipped with better cameras, a quad-core A6 processor, Retina Display and possibly Siri as well. The $499 price point is expected to be retained whereas the iPad 2 will be sold thereafter at a discounted price of $399 for 16GB version.

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