iPad 3 Apple Production Begins With Quadcore Processor, 4G LTE And Retina Display


A new report indicates that iPad 3 Apple production has begun. This report also claims that the next iPad is going to have a quadcore A6 processor, 4G LTE support as well as Retina Display.

iPad 3 Apple

The report comes from Bloomberg which is, as always, citing people familiar with the matter. It claims that iPad 3 is going to have support for 4G LTE networks. This can be true to some extent, given the fact that it has recently been rumoured that the next iPhone will have 4G support as well. If this is the case, Apple would probably release an iPad with 4G LTE compatibility well before it adds that to the iPhone. Due to 4G LTE compatibility, the iPad 3 Apple will then be usable with networks that offer high speed data connections on 4G.

The bone of contention between analysts, rumours and critics has always been Retina Display on the iPad. Some say its coming, others say its not. When this display was first introduced on iPhone 4 it was immediately rumoured for the iPad 2 to have a Retina Display. That didn't happen though. Since late last year we have seen a number of rumours claim that the next iPad is going to have Retina Display. This particular report also claims that. Some even say that the display on iPad 3 is going to be its defining feature, therefore its likely that the iPad 3 Apple might be called iPad HD.

It has also been said time and again that once iPad 3 is released, Apple will offer iPad 2 at a discounted price. This will eliminate having to release an iPad Mini altogether but will at the same time take care of the competition where Amazon's Kindle Fire is slowly enticing prospective tablet owners with its $200 price tag. The iPad 3 Apple is slated for release in March and if this report about production being started is anything to go by, we believe the timing is absolutely right.

Manufacturers in China are already running iPad 3 Apple production lines. Foxconn will only be manufacturing 1/8th if the whole quote whereas the rest will be manufactured by Pegatron. During the next couple of weeks, more definitive reports will come in regarding iPad 3 and we'll be sure to update you on it.