Download OnLive Desktop App For iPad To Run Windows 7


You can now download OnLive desktop app for iPad for free from the iTunes App Store. This amazing new app will allow you to stream Windows 7 experience on your iPad.

Download OnLive Desktop App For iPad

OnLive is particularly known for its game streaming services. The service is unique in its own way. The games offered by OnLive are stored on a remote server and streamed on your device. Using the same technology, you can run Windows 7 on iPad after you download OnLive desktop app for iPad.

OnLive demoed this new offering of theirs at Consumer Electronics Show 2012. At this annual electronics show we always get to see some amazing new products. The function of this service is very simple. Since OnLive has been very successful with its remote gaming solutions, it has now ventured in to cloud-based computing arena. This cloud-based computing service brings widely used Office applications like Word, PowerPoint and Excel to devices which don't normally support them, such as the iPad.

One must download OnLive desktop app for iPad if one wishes to use Microsoft Office suite on iPad. There have been rumours that Microsoft is developing its Office suite for Apple's tablet but at this point in time we can't be sure when or even if Microsoft really has any plans of porting Microsoft Office to the iPad. So OnLive's service is the way to go for now.

There are two versions of this app. The free one which went online today comes with 2GB of free cloud storage and a limited number of Office suite applications. In the near future OnLive is going to release an Enterprise version which is going to be a paid solution. Using this solution corporations can customise the Windows 7 experience on iPad. There's also a premium version which comes with 50GB of cloud storage. Premium packages comes at $9.99 per month.

Download OnLive desktop app for iPad [iTunes App Store Link]

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