2012 iPhone 4G, 3G Support Reported Along With Thinner Profile


2012 iPhone 4G and 3G support has been reported by an analyst. This report also claims that the next iPhone is going to have a thinner profile than its predecessors. There's nothing that we aren't sure about at this point in time, but just for the sake of it, lets see what this analyst has to see.

2012 iPhone 4G

In 2011 it was rumoured quite a number of times that Apple was gearing up to release a fully revamped iPhone 5. However Apple later announced the iPhone 4S which comes with no cosmetic changes, only better internal components and Siri. While we did discover why Apple did not release iPhone 5, we were sure that come 2012 and our wish for a revamped iPhone will be granted. Along with numerous features that were reported, 2012 iPhone 4G, 3G support was rumoured the most. This particular feature is now making the rounds once again in the rumour mill.

Katy Huberty of Morgan Stanley believes, via BGR, that the 2012 iPhone 5 will come with a new chassis. Nothing new or shocking about that as it will be stupid on Apple's part to stick with one design for three smartphones. Come what may, it is very highly unlikely that the same design used for iPhone 4 and iPhone 4S will also be used for the iPhone 5, or whatever it ends up being called.

The analyst further adds that the 2012 iPhone will use a quad-mode chip. This chip will allow 2012 iPhone 4G, 3G support as well as making at compatible with such networks around the globe. At this point in time, even the iPhone 4S has a dual-mode chip which allows it to work on both CDMA and GSM networks around the world. Given the fact that many of Apple's competitors in the market are currently manufacturing 4G and LTE capable smartphones, it will again be a very stupid move by Apple to not release an iPhone with said compatibility.

Furthermore this report claims that Apple will release iPad 3 in the first quarter of 2012. We've already reported a number of times that the next iPad is coming in March 2012.  It is also reported that the iPad 2 will be sold at a discounted price when iPad 3 is released. Doing this will allow Apple to conquer a market segment that wants a tablet but doesn't want to end up paying $499 at least for one. Even if Apple does not release an iPad Mini, the discounted iPad 2 can take care of competition pretty easily. It's an iPad after all.

To be honest this report does not bring to light anything new or shocking. However lets give it the benefit of the doubt. If an analyst of Morgan Stanley is saying so, maybe it will happen. Don't you think so?