Download Samsung ChatON for iPhone, iPad and iPod touch


You can now download Samsung ChatON for iPhone, iPod touch and iPod from the iTunes App Store. Regardless of the fact that Samsung and Apple are battling it out in court, the Korean company has finally brought its instant messaging app to Apple's territory.

Download Samsung ChatON for iPhone

Before you download Samsung ChatON for iPhone, you might be asking yourself what exactly is this app capable of doing. Well, the company hopes ChatON will become a global mobile communication service that will allow users to stay in touch with their friends, family and colleagues very easily and without heavy costs. ChatON is going to be a cross platform service. ChatON apps are already available for Bada and Android powered devices while apps for BlackBerry and Windows Phone 7 are in the pipeline.

It's a bit of a surprise that Apple actually approved the ChatON app for inclusion in the App Store, considering the fact that it poses as a direct competitor to Apple's iMessage service which was rolled out in iOS 5 firmware. The downside to iMessage is that you can only stay in touch with people through this mean if they too have an iOS device. ChatON only requires an internet connect, WiFi or EDGE / 3G, and it allows you to send messages to your friends regardless of what device they own. This is one major reason why people should download Samsung ChatON for iPhone.

ChatON for iPhone allows you to chat with a single friend, enter or create a group chat as well as broadcast a message to everyone in your ChatON contact list. You can also share photos, videos, voice notes and your location within chats. Calendar entries and contacts can also be shared. Sure, all of this seems like the best reason to download Samsung ChatON for iPhone. However if you have been using Whatsapp on iPhone, there's a chance that you might not end up liking Samsung ChatON at all, because Whatsapp currently reigns in the cross-platform messaging arena.

You can download Samsung ChatON for iPhone, iPod touch and iPad provided they're powered by iOS 4.2 or later. The app is not native for the iPad but will run properly in the magnified mode.

Download Samsung ChatON for iPhone, iPad and iPod touch [iTunes Store Link]