Fall 2012 iPhone To Be Completely Redesigned


It hasn't been long since Apple released iPhone 4S. However, rumors regarding the next generation iPhone are already spinning. A new report indicates that the Fall 2012 iPhone will be completely redesigned, and it very well should be!

Fall 2012 iPhone

Earlier this year in October, Apple announced the release of iPhone 4S. Before that announcement however, there were strong rumors of a fully redesigned iPhone 5. Rumors indicated that the iPhone 5 would have a larger screen, a rectangular Home button and would have an overall thinner and tapered profile. Nevertheless Apple announced iPhone 4S as its next generation iPhone. The iPhone 4S comes with no noticeable design changes whatsoever and all changes have been made under the hood. So regardless of the fact that this rumor we're discussing here might not turn out to be true, the fall 2012 iPhone is surely going to be completely redesigned.

A BGR, a very well connected technology blog, confidently claims that the Fall 2012 iPhone will be released around the time iPhone 4S was released. This can actually be true because Apple is known to follow its release cycles. About the design of the Fall 2012 iPhone, this report claims that the next iPhone is going to have an aluminium back, like the one you find on an iPad 2. Currently, the iPhone 4 and iPhone 4S both have a glass back.

To solve the much hyped antenna problem, Apple will make the bezel of the Fall 2012 iPhone either from a rubber or plastic material. It could very well be of the compound used in the bumpers that Apple gave out after it officially recognized the antennagate issue. If you press your hand very hard on the left side on an iPhone 4, you'll notice a drop in cell reception, that's because your hand is blocking the antenna. The plastic or rubber material as bezel would eliminate direct skin contact with the antenna, hence solving this issue once and for all.

These design changes actually make sense, because adding such a bezel will eliminate the need of installing a plastic strip on top of the device, such as Apple does in its 3G iPads. This will allow a design that has uniformity, not to mention that unbeatable feel of brushed aluminium. All we know is that at this point in time, we can't be sure of anything regardless of where it comes from. Apple is known to make drastic changes in design as per its wishes. We'll only know for sure when Apple itself announces the Fall 2012 iPhone.