The iPad Mini And iPhone 5 Are Back In Business


It's the rumours leading up to an Apple product release that really play a part in promoting its image, regardless of being right or wrong. According to a couple of reports, both the iPad Mini and iPhone 5 are now back in business as Apple supposedly hopes to sign a deal with LG.

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Before we begin with the usual plethora of rumours, may we remind you to take all of these speculations with more than a pinch of salt. While these sources have a hit or miss record, none of the rumours can be deemed legitimate until and unless the company itself reveals information about the. Given Apple's tradition of closely guarding its product secrets before release, something of this sort is highly unlikely.

The Korean Times reports that LG is currently working with Apple and manufacturing displays for the iPhone 5 and iPad Mini. The report further reveals that the iPhone 5 is going to have a 4-inch screen whereas the iPad Mini will have a 7.35-inch screen. If this deal goes through, LG will get $1.1 billion as well as right to supply displays for iOS devices from the 2012 till 2016.

The iPad Mini:

It has made its fair share of rounds on the internet. The primary reason given for an iPad Mini release is that Apple wants to beat the Kindle Fire at its own game. There has been a lot of consumer interest for Amazon's latest 7-inch $199 priced tablet. By releasing an iPad Mini with a slight larger 7.35-inch display, not only can Apple prove to be a competitor for Kindle Fire, but it can also break in to the mid-range tablet market which it has always kept itself out of by pricing its entry level tablet at $499. There's nothing left to say, who would consider buying a tablet that runs Android when for roughly the same price you can have an iOS based iPad Mini? It's Apple at the end of the day.

The iPhone 5:

This is one device that has way too many rumours to its name. Before Apple came forward with iPhone 4S, all hope was pinned behind the next generation iPhone. iPhone 5 was said to be completely redesigned and it was believed to have a thinner and tapered profile. A larger touchscreen was also predicted but it was soon learnt what really happened to the iPhone 5 and why iPhone 4S was released. Now since iPhone 4S is already in the market, the next launch is inevitably going to be the iPhone 5 and according to today's report, LG will be manufacturing 4-inch displays for it that would retain the 960x640 Retina Display.

As previously mentioned, don't believe every rumour. Chances are that the company will launch its redesigned iPhone 5 but wouldn't consider making an iPad Mini. They'll simply release iPad 3 in March and take the world by storm, all. over. again.

Whatever the case may be, you'll get the blow by blow coverage right here at iPhoneism. So watch this space!