Apple Contacts iPhone 4S User To Fix Battery Issue


There are a lot of people who are not satisfied with their new iPhone 4S. Its not because its a bad device, its because the iPhone 4S has a battery issue that Apple needs to fix. For that purpose, Apple engineers have contacted an iPhone 4S users in a bid to solve this battery drain issue on iPhone 4S.

Actually, Apple engineers are reaching out to a lot of iPhone 4S users and are using data collected through their devices, with permission of user of course, in order to find a fix for this battery drain issue on iPhone 4S. One such iPhone 4S user who was contacted by Apple engineers spoke with the Guardian and revealed how Apple engineers are collaborating with users to find a fix.

This particular fellow was experiencing battery drain at 10% every hour of standby, even when the device was not being used. This basically means that the battery on his iPhone 4S was performing far worse than it's supposed to do. He tried turning off Siri and location services but that too didn't help in fixing battery drain issue on iPhone 4S.  He then tried setting the iPhone 4S as a completely new device and did not restore from any previous backups nevertheless, the issue persisted.

Then, he explains that he received a call from a senior Apple engineer who admitted that this really is an issue with the iPhone 4S. The engineer mentioned that they were reaching out to customers in order to find a fix and asked him if he could install a monitoring program on his iPhone 4S. Apart from that, the engineer asked a lot of questions about his usage of iPhone 4S and the effects it had on the battery.

Many iPhone 4S users have been caught off guard by the under-performing battery of iPhone 4S. On paper, the iPhone 4S battery has 0.05 Wh more capacity than the battery on iPhone 4 but Apple has mentioned in its spec sheet of iPhone 4S a standby time of 200 hours. The standby time for iPhone 4 was 300 hours and no reason has been given as to why the same battery is offering less standby time on the new iPhone 4S.

There are a number of factors that can contribute to iPhone 4S battery drain issue. First, this device has the dual-core A5 processor which is definitely power hungry. Then there's Siri, the improved camera and a host of new processors that run in the background however that does not mean the battery should perform as bad as losing 10% charge per hour of standby. Hopefully, Apple engineers will soon find a fix for iPhone 4S battery drain issue.