Apple TV With Siri To Release By 2013


A lot of interesting things have been revealed in Steve Jobs' official biography written by Walter Isaacsson both about the company and its late co-founder Steve Jobs. Once such revelation was the moment when Steve remarked to his biographer that he had finally cracked open the possibility of manufacturing an Apple TV with Siri.

Apple has been anticipated to break in the conventional TV market with proper television sets and not just a device such as the Apple TV. However given with Apple's history of thinking differently, there's a huge possibility that an Apple TV with Siri would be launched by 2013. Up till now the Apple TV devices that have been released were more of hobby, as described by Steve Jobs, rather than an attempt to make waves in the conventional TV industry.

NYTimes further explains the reason as to why Apple didn't enter the conventional TV market any sooner. Its because they wanted to revolutionize the industry rather just be a part of it. Apple wanted to eliminate the TV remote once and for all and for this very purpose a lot of ideas were floated around which included using a wireless keyboard or even iPod touch or iPhone as remotes. Then, it was an eureka moment for Steve Jobs as he finally cracked the mystery. Apple would use Siri, their voice controlled assistant, in the TV sets.

You must admit that people tend to lose TV remotes and its a huge headache once a remote goes missing. Steve Jobs thought that the TV industry was totally broken and his plans would help revolutionize it. People close to the company have revealed that eventually, Apple will release a full fledged TV. Steve Jobs revealed in his biography that an Apple TV would have the simplest interface imaginable. There's no arguing that something other than speaking commands to your TV could count as a simple interface.

So how would this Apple TV with Siri work? Basically you'll just tell Siri what you want, similarly to how you do on your new iPhone 4S. For example if you want to watch the latest episode of Glee, tell Siri that and the latest episode of Glee will start playing. Tell Siri you want to see the video or listen to Micheal Jackson's Thriller, it would automatically do the rest.

There are some negative aspects to having an Apple TV with Siri. If Siri is the sole controller of the TV, imagine what would happen if the internet breaks down because obviously an Apple TV with Siri would need an internet connection 24/7, and a pretty stable one too. A lot of things would have to be perfected but we're sure that Apple is already working on them. Reportedly, Apple is very close to achieving his goal and can release one such product in either 2012 or by 2013. As the case is with Apple products, their new TV set will be immaculately designed, beautifully packed and horrendously priced.