iPhone 4S vs Samsung Galaxy S II Drop Test Durability [Video]


The iPhone 4S has been released and we know it comes with a dual-core processor, 8 megapixel camera, iOS 5 and Siri. Ever wondered how your iPhone 4S will hold up if you drop it by mistake? Here's a simple iPhone 4S vs Samsung Galaxy S II drop test to find that out.

We already know much about iPhone 4S design considering the fact that its exactly the same as iPhone 4. There's glass on front and back side of the device. This chemically strengthened glass structure has a high probability of slipping out of sweaty hands as compared to a device that incorporates plastic, metal and glass together for its design. Therefore to find out which works best, the guys at Squaretrade created an iPhone 4S vs Samsung Galaxy S II drop test video.

In this iPhone 4S vs Samsung Galaxy S II drop test, both the devices were made to fall towards the ground first from waist height, then shoulder height and then face down from chest height.

The iPhone 4S was quite badly damaged on the outside however when dropped face down, the screen shattered completely. Definitely not a pretty sight for you if your iPhone has a tendency of slipping between your fingers. On the other hand, when iPhone 4S lands on its steel band, it holds up pretty nicely. Just bear in mind that should you drop your iPhone 4S from a considerable height, you've bound to wind up with shattered glass. On the other hand the Samsung Galaxy S II held up pretty nicely in all three tests. In comparison to 4S suffered, it suffered negligible damage. Several factors contribute to that, the primary being that Samsung Galaxy S II is lighter than iPhone 4S and the plastic back is more shock-proof than glass.

In this Samsung Galaxy S II vs iPhone 4S drop test, Galaxy S II definitely won. However there's no reason to hate your iPhone 4S if it constantly keeps slipping out of your hands, there are a lot of after market hard cases available for iPhone 4S and can protect your device from meeting such a shattering fate, pun intended.

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    one made of plastic another made of glass… bad review!! not fair