2011 Cheap iPhone 4 Gets Leaked, Two iPhones Coming On October 4?


With less than two days remaining, a lot of rumours regarding Apple's next generation iPhone(s) are coming in. However this is much more than just a rumour, we have proof in pictures that Apple just might release its cheap iPhone 4 at the iPhone 5 release event. So this means that its highly likely that Apple will be releasing two iPhones on October 4.

Just to avoid any confusion, the device shown here is not the rumoured iPhone 4S, it is merely a toned down version of the iPhone 4. The device is codenamed N90A whereas the iPhone 4S is codenamed as N94A.

Earlier this year it was announced that Foxconn, Apple's primary manufacturer, is setting up a plant in Brazil where iPads are going to be manufactured. However a discovery by Gizmodo Brazil tells another story. They've received images of this 2011 cheap iPhone 4 from within the Foxconn Brazil factory.

Normally, anyone with half a brain would think twice before claiming that this is Apple's cheaper iPhone 4, considering the fact that it is exactly the same in terms of design. So there is a possibility these parts may just be of the iPhone 4. However, that is not all. See the Foxconn Brazil factory quality control form posted above, on it you'll find a totally different model number, one that does not belong to the iPhone 4. This is probably the only lead that makes us believe in these pictures.

They further add that even if this is the 2011 cheap iPhone 4 set to be unveiled at the iPhone 5 release event, its going to take a long time before these devices are ready to be shipped considering the fact that the manufacturer has run in to a problem with the camera lenses. Apart from that, the design is completely similar to the iPhone 4.

There has been a lot of speculation about how many iPhones Apple will release on October 4. The cheaper iPhone 4 is believed to have only 8GB of storage and extensively use iCloud services. On the other hand, the iPhone 5 is said to be a radically redesigned iPhone with a faster processor, possibly greater storage, bigger screen and a better camera. We do know one thing for sure, less than two days from now Apple will officially unveil every detail about its upcoming iPhone(s). You know what to do in order to watch iPhone 5 release event from your home.