Read All iPhone 5 Rumours In This Amazing Infographic


Since Apple has officially announced iPhone 5 release event date, we don't actually have to pay heed to iPhone 5 rumours any more. However it would be nice to read all iPhone 5 rumours presented in a nice colourful way. The infographic embedded below fulfils that purpose perfectly.

This rather exhaustive infographic contains all iPhone 5 rumours that surfaced from day one. The infographic initially starts off from the time Apple started shipping iPhone 4. It then covers the release of white iPhone 4 which was delayed a number of times. The story about iPhone 4 ends when the Verizon CDMA iPhone 4 is released and after that, its all about the iPhone 5. One must appreciate that guys at AllAreaCodes for putting together such a lengthy infographic.

Needless to say some of the rumours on this infographic are way too far fetch. Take for example the much hyped iPhone Nano. An all touch based smartphone that would be powered by iCloud and would have been sold without a contract at a much affordable price. However, we know the iPhone Nano isn't happening any time soon.

Others include rumours about design elements of iPhone 5. Whether it would have a thin profile with tapered edge or a larger screen? A tear-drop design was also rumoured. Apart from that a bigger edge-to-edge iPhone 5 screen has been the subject of many discussions and articles. Camera is said to be of about 8 megapixels with full 1080p HD video recording.

That's not all, even though the iPhone Nano rumours were put to rest a long time ago, many still think that Apple will be launching two iPhones at the October 4 iPhone 5 release event. The other iPhone is said to be a cheaper iPhone 4 possibly running on iCloud and would be the entry level device priced at about $250, particularly for the mid-range market. Though we have a hunch that this rumour might prove to be false as well, hunch is based on the fact that Apple might have cryptically revealed in its media invite that its only releasing one iPhone in 2011, however Al Gore thinks otherwise.

At the end of the day, rumours are then again rumours, you can't fully rely on them to be true. One thing is for sure now, the iPhone 5 release event will happen on October 4 and that's when Apple will reveal how much these rumours really knew about this year's most anxiously awaited smartphone, the iPhone 5.