Vodafone Australia iPhone 5 Advertising Starts Before Release Event


September has nearly ended which means that soon we'll be entering October, in which we're probably going to witness the launch of 2011's most anxiously awaited smartphone, the iPhone 5. Regardless of the fact that Apple still hasn't announced an official iPhone 5 release date, Vodafone Australia has already begun its iPhone 5 advertising.

As we previously stated, Apple has yet to send out media invites for its iPhone 5 release event or even verbally announce the official date. There has been a plethora of rumours about iPhone 5 release date, some of them even hinted at an iPhone 5 release in September. Regardless, a very well connected source pegs iPhone 5 release on October 4. Apart from that, it has also come to our notice that Apple won't be organizing the iPhone 5 release event at some big event in San Francisco, rather its going to be a small event with limited audience seated inside the Apple Town Hall Auditorium on the company's Cupertino HQ.

Even though the screenshot posted above of this page on Vodafone Australia's website doesn't explicitly mention the iPhone 5, they do call it this year's biggest smartphone release, which undoubtedly is the iPhone 5. Not to mention the fact that Apple's fifth generation iPhone is probably the only device that has such a massive amount of rumours flowing around prior to its release. Vodafone is totally right about one thing though, it is time to end the rumours, seriously we've had enough iPhone 5 rumours for one lifetime.

On the other hand, Rogers in Canada is texting its existing customers to subscribe to Roger's Registration Service which will alert them as soon as the iPhone 5 release and is available for sale in Canada. Looking at these facts it seems hard to deny that the mobile carriers know something about iPhone 5 release date. It would be a bit too foolish for carriers to get their subscribers' hopes up while acting merely on rumour and speculation. They too have a reputation at stake. Apart from that, this advertising couldn't have been put up at a more convenient time, considering the fact that it is highly likely that Apple is releasing iPhone 5 on October 4.

So if you are in Australia, you should definitely opt for email alerts from Vodafone Australia as they will alert you as soon as the next iPhone becomes available. If you are not in Australia but are just as anxious for the next generation iPhone, don't worry because you're not alone.