AppSync for iOS 5 Download Now Available in Cydia


Apple announced iOS 5 at WWDC 2011 earlier this year. We've been testing out betas of iOS 5 but know for sure that public iOS 5 release is no more than a month away. So with that on the horizon, the guys at Hackulous have released AppSync for iOS 5 and above. You can now download AppSync for iOS 5 for your iPhone, iPad and iPod touch.

If you do not know about AppSync, either you're new to iOS jailbreaking or you have been living under a rock with your jailbroken iPhone, iPad and iPod touch. So before we jump in to AppSync for iOS 5 download, here's the low-down on AppSync and its working.

Basically, AppSync is a system tweak that you can install after jailbreaking your device. It alters how installd works on your iPhone, iPad and iPod touch. Installd is a part of the iOS firmware and its task is to manage the installation and compression of apps on your device. To install cracked apps on iOS device, you need Installous because it bypasses the DRM signature check that installd does with Apple. Installous is also a creation of the Hackulous team and it too alters how installd works on your iDevice. To install AppSync and Installous, you need to jailbreak your device. If you don't have these two system tweaks and try to install cracked apps, installd will run the DRM signature check with Apple and due to the fact that you have not purchased the app from the App Store, it will return an error saying that installation of the app is not possible.

So if you have Installous you'll be able to install cracked apps on iPhone, iPad and iPod touch, but what about syncing them and copying them to iTunes for a backup? Here's where AppSync comes in because it creates a backup of the original installd, saves it and replaces it with a new installd that does not run DRM signature checks with Apple and allows you to sync all of your cracked apps with iTunes on your computer. AppSync just patches the original installd and won't affect legitimate app downloads from the App Store in any way.

Coming back to AppSync for iOS 5, previously when we tested iOS 5 beta firmware, even did a jailbreak and installed both Installous and AppSync, they used to work fine. The previous update to AppSync was done when iOS 4 was released and subsequently Hackulous released AppSync for iOS 4 and above. Now it has been seen that in the latest iOS 5 beta firmware, Apple has begun packing installd binaries so AppSync for iOS 5 download had to be made available. AppSync for iOS 4 was compatible with iOS 5 beta firmware but now the Hackulous team has released an update of AppSync for iOS 4 which limits its use to iOS 4 and above only.

Remember: Once you install AppSync for iOS 5 on your jailbroken device, don't forget to reboot it so that installd is patched successfully. After reboot, you have to install a free app from the App Store before installing cracked apps and backing them up to iTunes. If you do not do this, your apps will automatically be deleted from iTunes.

So for example if you are running iOS 5 beta 7, you must follow this tutorial for iOS 5 beta 7 jailbreak and then you can install AppSync for iOS 5 and Installous from Cydia.

If you face any problems during the installation or have any question related to the working of AppSync for iOS 5, Installous or Cydia don't hesitate to ask for help by commenting below.

  • Munchkinsdad

    So I’ve tried to intsall Installious 4 on iOS 5 beta 7 2 times now and I bricked the iPhone both times. for some reason it does not like to reboot properly. It freezes during reboot and I have to re-install iOS 5 again and start over. What do you think is the problem?

    • Blinknpark

      Are you rebooting with Redsn0w? With a tethered jailbreak, whenever you reboot you need to connect it Redsn0w and Boot it Tethered,
      If you are already doing that then I dont know what’s up?

      • Munchkinsdad

        Thanks for replying! Yes I did that.Beta & wouldn’t work at all for me but when I installed GM everything was fine… go figure

    • McGizzle

      Just had the same problem with my phone too… I haven’t backed up in a few days and now I’ll lose a lot of text messages and a lot of other information if I have to reinstall the phone. Do you think there is any way to get the phone working again without restoring? I can see the phone in tinyUmbrella… ugh

      • Ale051

        same to me! Dam! I updated AppSync 5.0 to the new version, in Cydia, and my iPhone didn’t reboot!
        I had to reinstall iOS 5 and jb again!

        now I’m afraid to re-install AppSync…what should I do?

        • Ale051

          Wow, I tried again last night, and it worked! Dunno why! Hope it too you!

  • Thesahil

    I can’t install app sync for iOS 5 on my iPad 2… What should I do..??

  • arnold

    in the article you said that you HAVE to download the free apps from the app store. Do you mean app lites? The free versions of each app I download from installous? but what about the ones that do not have a free version, like navigon?

    • Neo

      just any free app ! u do it just once before installing cracked apps

  • Fastory

    pleaaaaaaze help …. everytime i start syncing my iphone all cracked apps which i downloaded from installous are deleted automatically by iTunes … except the cracked apps that i installed before updating to ios 5 … so what should i do ????

  • Jhdiosjd

    After i upgraded AppSync, i simply pressed the reboot..then now its stucked.. :|

    • - หมดอายุ -

      I met this problem too ,, can anyone help me?

  • - หมดอายุ -

    I have installed its update for Appsync os5 and can’t get through restart springboard .. it stuck in black screen with spinning wheel for more that 2 hrs

    Iphone4 iOS5 Jailbroken

  • James Look

    Stay away from the upgrade!!!! Stuck in reboot.
    Now what???!?!

  • James Amazing

    I can’t ssh in because it’s not connecting to my router. Any ideas how to fix this?

  • geo

    I have AppSync IOS 5 and Itunes keeps deleting the application
    can any one help in this ?

  • Richko_mdn88

    my phone wont start after i install appsync 5..HELP please…

  • icewolve19

    i jailbreaked my 3gs with redsnow for the OS.5 and installed cydia and installous with no problems. AppSync iOS5 was installed and is checked. I sync to itunes and my crack apps are shown on itunes.

    My problem is because i have a semi-tethered jailbreak sometimes i have to reboot my phone and for some reason all my crack apps disappear off my phone. I try to sync with itunes but my cracked apps are no longer there either. Why does the cracked apps disappear everytime i reboot my phone and why can’t they be recovered when i sync to itunes?

    • Lota Man

      Try reinstalling the semi-untether patch. It should fix your issue. Sent from my BlackBerry® Smartphone provided by Ufone

  • Raduzer

    Every time I install installous or appcake (both of which install appsync 5), after respring all my icons except the newsstand disappear… any idea pls?

    • Ravi Shankar

      Just restrart your device. It solved my problem.

      • Poptart

        thanks much this worked for me as well!

  • Ryan Lawrence

    I have “installous4” I can’t found cracked version of this tweak should I have to update my “installous” with “installous 5”.