Preorder iPhone 5 On AT&T Or Verizon Starting September 30, Launch On October 7


Reports indicate that Apple will allow potential customers to preorder iPhone 5 starting September 30 with a launch slated for October 7. This is the first time that we have seen some solid dates being put forward by the sources. As per this report, you will be able to preorder iPhone 5 on AT&T or Verizon as soon as September 30 drops. More details, after the jump.

These dates regarding iPhone 5 preorder and launch were initially posted by 9to5mac, who seem to have heard from their independent sources that Apple is all geared up to start selling the iPhone 5 on 7th of October, which is a Friday. It seems as if Apple has been finding it difficult to decide upon a date for next generation iPhone release as many people have also cited October 14 as a possible release date however much to Apple's liking, the mass production of iPhone 5 is going smoothly without any hiccups meaning that Apple can now very well release the iPhone 5 on October 7. Since Apple already missed the anticipated WWDC 2011 deadline for iPhone 5 release, this time around the company will allow its customers to preorder the iPhone 5 a week before it actually starts selling the device.

However, do keep in mind that September 30 is just a purported date. Sources indicate that Apple has been debating upon which date to select for starting the iPhone 5 preorder process. Allegedly, the company is tied in choosing between September 29 and September 30, the reason why September 30 is likely is because its a Friday and after a full week passes by since Apple would have allowed us to preorder iPhone 5, it will officially begin selling it on October 7, which is also a Friday.

So if Apple starts iPhone 5 preorders on September 30, this definitely means that the event in which Apple will announce iPhone 5 will take place in September, as per our previous report, possibly in the second week of September. Apart from announcing the long awaited next generation iPhone, the company has also been rumored to be releasing a relatively cheaper contract free iPhone powered by iCloud. Obviously, untill no official word comes from Apple, we can not say for sure whether or not the iCloud iPhone will really see the light of the day.

As far as the iPhone 5 is concerned, we know that it will come bearing a dual-core A5 processor, greater RAM and onboard storage. It will be redesigned in to a thinner and tapered iPhone which will be considerably lighter than all previous iPhones. An 8 megapixel camera with full HD video recording is also a huge possibility.

If September 30 does turn out to be the right date, will you preorder iPhone 5 on AT&T or Verizon?

UPDATE: iPhone 5 wasn't revealed today at Let's Talk iPhone event, rather Apple revealed iPhone 4S. We have already posted information of iPhone 4S pre-orders. Do check it out!

  • Hornk


  • Brian

    Dropping AT&T like a hot plate and going to Verizon for two new lines.

  • crunchitech

    verizon again introducing new iphone 5 to public

  • terryzx

    I have been waiting to get this from Verizon for YEARS….so I will be pre-ordering the moment it is possible….I’d NEVER got to AT&T for ANYTHING

  • killer shark

    0 my god!!!! waiting for this for ev er

  • Justin Walczuk

    I may be missing something but AT&T is by far the best provider for the I phone. I have had 3 I phones with AT&T with zero issues, 2 friends have I phones on Verizon and they are considerably slower in every aspect, and even the resale of a Verizon I phone is much lower than an AT&T one, if u have never had either an I phone probably seems great on either provider, but if u have had AT&T u might want to reconsider, you will hate it for verizon

    • Daniel

      I’ve worked for both AT&T and Verizon and I repair iPhones. They literally do the same thing they just run on different technology being CDMA and gsm Verizon is about 2 years ahead of AT&T with service. They have more lte networks granted that AT&T has h+ a bumped up 3G/4g. Verizon’s CDMA and soft hand offs make Verizon a better carrier by far. The resale is the same. Depends on the gigs and what not but I’ve had both and I work AT&T currently. But I have Verizon. My service doesn’t get me paid.