O2 iPhone 5 Release Preparations Begin At UK Retail Stores?


There are other reports coming in from the UK apart from those of the London riots. It has come to our attention that O2 iPhone 5 release preparations are going to be started at their retail stores across the UK.

The new model of iPhone, possibly dubbed as the iPhone 5 is long awaited and there are constant reports and rumours suggesting that the iPhone 5 will indeed be released sometime in the third quarter of the year 2011. Some sources have indicated a September 7 iPhone 5 release date prior to a worldwide iPhone launch in October.

It is reported that O2, one of UK's major mobile networks, has sent notices to its retail stores that they are starting a 3 week process to change the existing iPhone displays in its retail stores, most likely for the arrival of the new iPhone 5. It is doubtful that O2 has any information or intimation from Apple about the release of iPhone 5. However, O2's message to the retail stores shown below, indicates that they will have been explicitly told to complete preparations by September 12th:

The following is to advise that we are removing the old iPhone unitary between the 22nd August and the 12th September. This is a 3 week programme which will see all iPhone unitary swapped out for new iPhone unitary, and will of course prepare us for the launch of the new smart phone. At the same time we are installing an International Favourites bay to stores that can accommodate the unit, as well as replacing the existing magazine stand with a new freestanding stand

O2 has already notified all retailers the type of displays they will be receiving. This basically depends upon the size of the store itself, amongst other factors. Once these new displays are received by the O2 retail stores across England, they will hopefully be installed before the due date of September 12.

This does not necessarily mean that the iPhone 5 will be releasing on September 12, as per a previous report, it is highly likely that iPhone 5 be released in second week of September. We still don't know for sure unless and until Apple blesses us with the official details of the iPhone 5.

For all we know, the iPhone 5 will be redesigned, will be thinner and tapered as well as being considerably lighter along with housing more storage capacity. It is also possible that Apple release two iPhones this year, the other one being a contract free iCloud powered iPhone.

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