How To Protect iPhone Data? Download McAfee WaveSecure App For iPhone


McAfee inc. the security software developing company that have brought us security softwares in the past such as the Firewall toolkit, have launched WaveSecure app for the iPhone. WaveSecure apps have been available for quite a while have been compatible with Blackberry, Android and Windows Mobile.

For most of us, our smartphones contain a huge chunk of our personal information as well as sensitive information related to our jobs. Imagine the horror if you lost your iPhone which had contacts and emails of your high-profile clients who wouldn't be that happy if their information got in the wrong hands. So you're bound to have wondered how to protect iPhone data? Well, even if you secure your iPhone using a passcode, there are ways to break through that level of security as well, so the only thing that can save you from the pitfalls of losing your data and your clients is a service that allows you to not only back up your important data, but to remotely wipe it all if the need arises.

WaveSecure app for iPhone focuses more on the protection of user relevant data, such as messages and contacts. In addition, it also offers data backing up facility which enables the user to back up personal data, such as photos and videos safe and sound on an online portal. The user can retrieve this data from the device itself, from another authorized device that uses WaveSecure and even through a computer using web interface.

The retrieval of backed up data is also possible through other devices. For instance, data backed up from an iPhone using Wavesecure can be retrieved by a Blackberry or an Android. This facilitates ease of use when switching between devices.

WaveSecure for iPhone allows tracking of a lost or stolen device using the webinterface by tracking the SIM card. WaveSecure also allows the users to completely lock the device and even remotely wipe it so as to make the data unavailable to snatchers and thieves.

The McAfee WaveSecure data protection app costs $19.99 and is available now for download via the iTunes App Store. McAfee WaveSecure has only been released for the iPhone and won't work with your iPad or iPod touch.

Purchase and Download McAfee WaveSecure for iPhone [App Store Link]

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