iPhone 5 In Germany Munster-Osnabruck Airport Officials Custody [Report]


It turns out that Zee Germans have confiscated what is allegedly an iPhone 5 from the luggage of two travellers at their Munster-Osnabruck airport. This iPhone 5 was taken from the luggage which also allegedly contains around five other iPhones, however this one particular iPhone stood out from the rest, hence the speculation that this may be an iPhone 5.

This is actually the first time that we have heard reports of an iPhone 5 in Germany as we usually hear stuff about the iPhone coming in from China which we undoubtedly know is fake most of the time.

So let us break it down for you. According to German officials, they intercepted two travellers who came in from Turkey because a knife was found in their luggage when it was undergoing radiography. Upon searching their luggage, the German officials at Munster-Osnabruck airport were shocked to find many iPhones in their luggage most of which were counterfeits. However, there was one iPhone that particularly stood out from the rest and has been described by them as an unpublished instrument. It was nothing like what the officials had ever seen hence leading them to believe that they may have been the first ones to witness an iPhone 5 in Germany.

Needless to say, the airport officials immediately detained the travellers. Then came in the German custom officials who were equally eager to see the iPhone 5 in Germany. Upon seeing it, they took no chances and quickly contacted Cupertino in order to explain them the whole matter. If the two men were really trying to bring in the unreleased iPhone 5 in Germany, they could very well be tried and prosecuted on the charges of industry spying.

According to the Germans, this incident happened on July 21st 2011. They claim that their customs officials are working with Apple in order to determine where exactly this iPhone 5 in Germany came from. However, they obviously can not confirm whether this device that they confiscated is real or just a fake. Previously, we've covered two fake iPhone 5 in detail here at iPhoneism but there's definitely something amiss about this iPhone 5 in Germany.

We've yet to hear an update from either Apple or the German authorities. Before that happens, we'd like to know from you where would you prefer to place your bet. The fact that this really is an iPhone 5 in Germany or is it yet another fake that was picked up by these travellers and it ended them getting in trouble with the Germans? Get the discussion going, in the comments below.