2011 Apple Music Event For New iPods Release Scheduled For September 7


According to a number of sources, it has come to our attention that Apple has scheduled the 2011 Apple Music Event for new iPods release on September 7. We had previously heard that Apple was pushing back the new iPod release in order to first launch the next generation iPhone, however now it looks like there's more to the story.

The September 7 2011 Apple Music Event date was originally floated by a Japanese Mac website called Kodawarisan. According to them, Apple will release the new 2011 iPod line up at its annual music event, disregarding all previous rumours that Apple was breaking away from its release cycles by launching the iPhone 5 before it released new 2011 iPod models.

So what about the iPhone 5 then? Well we've heard from an increasing number of sources and this particular sources also agrees with us on that. It is highly likely that iPhone 5 USA release will be in September, possibly two or three weeks after the September 7 Apple Music Event, followed by a global iPhone 5 release in October. We've reason to believe that September will most definitely bring a new iPhone in the market as sources indicated Apple has already ordered 10 million iPhone 5 units for September launch.

Last year, Apple's annual Music Event was on September 1 where it launched the fourth generation iPod touch, the sixth generation iPod Nano, the fourth generation iPod shuffle and the second generation Apple TV. It seems only logical for Apple to schedule a 2011 Music Event on September 7 as one full year will have passed by then. It is expected that Apple would introduce a camera in the seventh generation iPod nano, while no rumours of major changes to the iPod touch have surfaced. It is also expected that Apple will release a white iPod touch and it may also introduce 3G capability in the iPod touch.

Apple broke away from its release cycles earlier this year when it failed to announce the next generation iPhone at WWDC 2011. Apple has always announced new iPhones at its annual Worldwide Developers Conference however this year we didn't even hear a whisper about iPhone 5 release at WWDC 2011. At the time, reports indicated that Apple hadn't even finalized the production roadmap for iPhone 5 yet. Now the company seems eager not to fall behind on its annual media event which brings new iPods to the market every year.

Do keep in mind that this report is unconfirmed as of now, however this source has a pretty good track record when it comes to Apple's release plans. Regardless, there's is little doubt in our mind as to why Apple shouldn't be scheduling the 2011 Apple Music Event on September 7. If not now, then when?