iPhone 5 Unboxing Video Now Available For You To Watch


We've been extensively covering all the news related to iPhone 5. Now, we've comes across an iPhone 5 unboxing video that we would like to share with all of you, obviously along with out thoughts on it. You can watch iPhone 5 unboxing after the jump.

As we approach the suggested iPhone 5 release in September, we're seeing a greater number of videos going online claiming to be about the iPhone 5. Only yesterday, we covered a video which showed a fake iPhone 5 product page on the German Apple website. This particular iPhone 5 unboxing video was sent to popular iDevice case maker Zagg by one of their fans. Speculate all you want, but our experts here at iPhoneism HQ are calling fake on this one.

At first glance of the device in this iPhone 5 unboxing, the iPhone 3GS comes in mind. There's striking resemblance between these two iPhones. Furthermore, there's a hideous plastic cover on the back, something which Apple omitted in the iPhone 4 by introducing glass. It doesn't at all seem logical for Apple to actually go a step back. Also, according to what we have heard from some highly reliable sources, the iPhone 5 is going to be thin and tapered as well as being considerably light than all previous iPhones. By just looking at this device in the iPhone 5 unboxing video, one can determine that this design is most definitely not the work of Johnny Ive and his crew. The device in this unboxing video can very well be an iPhone 3GS that has been modified as such to fool those who have no idea how Apple advances and innovates in its design with each new product. View the video, down below:

There's also a major potential flaw in this video that can literally make you scream out, FAKE! Imagine if you somehow got your hands on iPhone 5 complete with the retail packaging. You would obviously make an iPhone 5 unboxing video as well as make detailed and extensive hands on iPhone 5 review, feature walkthroughs and comparisons. Yet the person behind this iPhone 5 unboxing does nothing of that. Why? Because this device is a fake and so very obviously, is the video. However, we have previously also covered an iPhone 5 hands on video that went live and viral.

Rest assured, this is not going to be Apple's next iPhone. Sources indicate that we should gear our selves for a September iPhone 5 USA release followed by a global launch in October. Allegedly, Apple has already ordered 10 million iPhone 5 units from its manufacturers to meet with the initial demand after the September iPhone 5 USA launch.

Till Apple officially comes out with the details regarding iPhone 5 launch event, we're bound to see even more fakes coming in. Here's to hoping that Cupertino ends this madness soon, as we for one, have had enough of these fake iPhone 5 unboxing videos and all other rumors.

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  • Hornk

    there was also no manual/apple stickers in the box…

    • http://www.iphoneism.com Lota Man

      Nice point!
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  • IhackerDevice

    hahaha who is he fooling but him self moreon!! Thats an iphone 3gs from kina made an box that said iphone 5… GET OUT OF HERE i cant belive u guys at IPHONEISM.COM is showing this here ????? =(