iPhone 5 Launched On German Apple Website? Naah Its A Fake [Video]


An amazing video caught our eye today. It turns out that someone went through the trouble to set up a fake iPhone 5 product page on a fake Apple website hosted on their local host. Now why would someone set up an iPhone 5 product page with renderings that we know are never going to be the real iPhone 5? Hit the jump for details.

We've embedded the video down below for your viewing pleasure. Basically, the video starts out with someone finding a hidden link on Apple's website under iPhone. Clicking on that link takes the person to the iPhone 5 product page, which on first glance made it quite clear to us that this was not Apple's work in any case. Watch the video:

There's absolutely no doubt in our mind that this is not a big fake. First, the account to which this video was uploaded to just one day ago, is coincidently very aptly titled iPhone5Website. Second, if you pause the video at 0:00, you'll notice that this website isn't actually officially online, its just a website this person created themselves and put it up on their local host. Unfortunately, during editing, the creator of this fake forgot to cut it out.

Nevertheless, till the writing of this post, this video has received over 95,000 views on YouTube due to the fact that it has been covered on major blogs and websites on the internet. What fascinates us here is the fact that there is no link in the description, not even a single word. If someone went through the hassle of making such a big fake video, they would obviously want to earn something from it. We seriously expected to see a link to some blog cluttered with ads, but that's not the case here. Either the person who made this doesn't know how to do that, or may be they were just high.

Regardless of that, because the video displays German language, we had to bring out our ninja residing in Berlin and he notified us of some big discrepancies that Apple would surely never let pass on its website. First, the full specifications list shows the display on iPhone 5 to be of 4.2 inches whereas initially it is shown to be of 4 inches. The logos are a bit different, particularly that of iTunes. By even just reading the whole spec sheet, you'll figure out that this wasn't approved by the people at Cupertino.

So yes, its a fake video that went viral and we've actually seen some blogs writing in awe thinking that Apple really did leak the iPhone 5 on their website. We come across plenty of fake next generation iPhone everyday, but this was by far the most entertaining for us, considering the fact that the person who made this fake, left behind a huge clue in the starting of the video.

Regardless of that, much more reliable sources have hinted at a possible September USA iPhone 5 release followed by a global release in October. The iPhone 5 will have the dual-core A5 processor which initially debuted in the iPad 2, more RAM and a better camera are all going to be there. We just have to see whether Apple really does make iPhone 5 thin and tapered like rumours have been claiming.

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