Buy Cheap iPhone 5 Replica Which Hints At Real iPhone 5 Design [Pictures]


The Chinese are the best at what they do. Manufacturing cheap yet stunningly accurate replicas of devices that are a little too expensive for everyone's taste. Take the iPhone 5 for example, the device hasn't even been released yet, but we know that we'll end up paying over $700 for it. The Chinese have come up with a solution and now you can buy cheap iPhone 5 replica. But the iPhone 5 hasn't been released yet! How can they make a replica? Well, looks like the Chinese know something we don't.

These images were originally posted by a Chinese tech blog called gizChina. They got their hands on this cheap iPhone 5 replica that is selling for only $108 or 699 Yuan in China. The obvious question that comes to mind is that how can someone make a replica of a device that hasn't even been released yet? Not even an image of which is released yet?

If you study these images closely, you'll notice that this cheap iPhone 5 replica exactly fits the schematics of the next generation iPhone that have been rumoured in the past few weeks. Thin and tapered design, larger screen, and a thin profile. It would not be a long shot to say that this iPhone 5 replica can easily fit in the leaked iPhone 5 cases that we have previously covered.

What's even more amazing is that the back of the device features the FCC logo and all other relevant security markings that you would otherwise see on a real Apple device, not to mention that unmistakeable Apple logo. Something is definitely fishy here. It seems only logical to speculate that this cheap iPhone 5 replica could very much be similar to what the real iPhone 5 may look like, considering the fact that even the real iPhones are manufactured in China and who knows, maybe the design blueprints of the next generation iPhone are already in the hands of replica manufacturers.

The Chinese replica market is huge and undergoing a boom with the release of more and more advanced devices, which definitely are expensive, some people would just settle for the looks rather than the functionality. That's where Chinese replica manufacturers come in. They manufacture cheap replicas of cellphones, smartphones, laptops, cameras, you name it and they manufacture it allowing particularly those who live in third world countries, the luxury of having a device that closely resembles its real counterpart. Its just when you power it on, you realize that the device is definitely Chinese.

Even this cheap iPhone 5 replica runs a Java based operating system that can do basic tasks such as playing music and browsing the web over WiFi, apart from making calls and sending texts.

There's no word as yet on iPhone 5 release, rumours claim that its coming in September. While we still have to wait for the finer details on that, looking at this iPhone 5 replica it seems that someone in China definitely knows something that the rest of us don't. Here's to hoping that Apple officially announces the details of the next generation iPhone, soon.