Man Spotted On The Subway Testing New Apple iPhone 5 [Pictures]


It turns out that a man has been spotted on the subway and the tipster claims he was testing the iPhone 5. We know that Apple does real world testing of devices before it launches them and given the way he was shielding the device, it would be safe to say that something is definitely amiss.

Originally posted by 9to5mac, their tipster claims that this man, possibly an Apple employee riding home from work in San Francisco was using the next generation iPhone. One may question the fact that how did he know it was the iPhone 5? For that matter, he was contacted. He said that he had got a very good look at the device, but the pictures that he managed to take of the device, didn't do it justice.

The picture is a bit vague but considering his choice of words for describing the unknown device, we'd say the next generation iPhone will be redesigned amongst a whole lot of other things. There's also a possibility that what he saw might be a prototype iPhone 5, something that might never be even produced. He went so far to claim that all iPods and iPhones we have seen up till now don't compare to it looks wise, and that the device in the man's hand would definitely fit the leaked iPhone 5 silicone cover.

The tipster says that the device was almost EVO like, with a large screen and a thin tapered body. He could not catch the glimpse at the Home button, as the man carrying the device was obviously trying hard to shield it from prying eyes. Apple conducts real world testing of its upcoming devices and there is all the reason in the world for this to be the real deal.

Up till now, we know that it is possible for Apple to release iPhone 5 on September 5 in the U.S. and globally on October 5. Just yesterday, China Times has claimed that Apple will release iPhone 5 in the second week of September with an initial order of 400 million units. It really seems like the next generation iPhone release isn't that far off, let's just hope Apple goes public with the details soon.