Install Facebook App For iPad 2, 1 Without Jailbreak [How To Guide]


Earlier yesterday, it was discovered that the latest Facebook app for iPhone, iPad and iPod touch had the unreleased official Facebook for iPad hidden inside it. Almost every other site on the internet told their readers the procedure to install hidden Facebook for iPad app and it had a catch, jailbreaking your device was deemed a pre-requisite. The following tutorial will teach you how to install Facebook iPad app without needing a jailbreak.

This guide is particularly useful for two kinds of people. First are those who don't want to jailbreak their iPads for reasons best known to them only. Second are those people who have upgraded to iOS 5 beta 4, iOS 4.3.5 or iOS 4.3.4 and didn't save iPad 2 iOS 4.3.3 SHSH blobs. Now they can't downgrade to iOS 4.3.3 because that's the only firmware the iPad 2 can be jailbroken on. Well, that doesn't mean they don't get to enjoy the Facebook iPad app on their tablets.

So before we begin, you'll obviously need to download software that allows you access to the root filesystem of your iPad. i-Funbox for Windows and iPhone Explorer for Mac are two free and awesome software that let you do this. Download either one of them depending on your computer. Google is your friend.

Step 1: Once you have the relevant software downloaded, install and run it. Connect your device to the computer and wait for it to detect your device. Once it does, scroll down in the left sidebar and expand Raw Filesystem. Keep scrolling down until you expand var, followed by mobile and then applications.

Step 2: Once you have expanded applications, it will automatically show the thumbnails of the apps you have installed. Scroll down in the right box and locate the Facebook thumbnail. Double click on it to open it.

Once you double click on it, another Facebook thumbnail will appear. Double click on that to open it as well.

Step 3: Once you've opened it, scroll down and locate the Info.plist file. When you find it, copy it to your desktop.

Step 4: Open the file in Notepad. Make sure you select Word Wrap from View. Locate the following key and integer.

Step 5: Change the value of the integer from 1 to 2.

Save the changes to the file and exit Notepad.

Step 6: Bring up the software again and click on Copy from PC. It will ask you to select the file you want to copy. Select the Info.plist file from the desktop and click on OK. The software will automatically overwrite Info.plist in the filesystem of your iPad.

That's it! Now reboot your iPad and enjoy official Facebook iPad app without jailbreak.

Alternatively if you are on a jailbroken iPad, follow this tutorial to enable hidden Facebook iPad app on your device itself. If you face any problems, don't hesitate to ask by leaving a comment below.

UPDATE: Facebook has blocked iPad app ever since it was discovered how to install it. Nevertheless, we have already posted a way for re-activating blocked leaked Facebook iPad 2.

  • GM

    After making the change to the info.plist file, all you see is a flash of the Facebook splash screen before the app dumps you back to your home screen. Looks like Facebook has blocked it on their end, as reported elsewhere.

  • Nixniz

    i cant see my “var” Folder on ipad2

    • Lota Man

      Go in to root filesystem first.

      • Nixniz

        i think im looks like idiot from there…
        but im already checked all folder all section :)

  • Zatara88

    me neither, this blows

  • Daniel Arrieta

    i also tried diskaid i was able to edit the plist file but it just crashes

  • Rkudera

    it didn’t work! I can’t see the Var file :(

  • JayDiablo

    I signed up to have you guys registerr my UDID an haven’t heard Anything about it an haven’t received an email. What gives?

  • Patricio

    /var not there… :(

  • hajile

    Whoever posted this “how to” guide has mental issues. Using Facebook’s hidden iPad app without jail breaking is impossible. Even the recommended program that is suggested here to install on your computer (i-Funbox) requires a jail broken iDevice to be able to access the needed Facebook app files. Furthermore, it’s obvious that this person has already jail broken their iPad because the Cydia app appears in the file menu of first screenshot! Please, get your stuff together before posting a bogus “how to” guide!

  • Pcwizard

    This is SO F’d UP…..Apple bastards

  • Gameb0y

    So – are you telling me that this method has been patched and this article is rendered useless?

  • Jatsmith

    Who wrote this guide?

    You cannot modify any file system without jailbreaking.

    We can see the person here has already jailbroken.


  • red brutal

    stupid tutorial…i realized that the info.plist is copied and existed already from ipad..think about it the tutorial says in the last step was that the info.plist that was copied from ipad and change the integer from 1 to 2 and copy it again and then over write the existing info.plist was redundant move…why on earth i will overwrite the info.plist if i copy it to the existing facebook apps that is already install on ipad..think about it at first place the facebook apps was already existed on the ipad then overwriting it again to that same ipad come on how stupid this tutorial it is….i thought that after i change the integer from 1 to 2 i can put it to into my unjailbreak ipad 2 3g…by the way when i connect my unjailbreak ipad 2 i dont see any var,mobile or application…….the info.plist that was im talking about was on my iphone that is jailbreak..i thought can copy the info.plist on my iphone and paste it to ipad 2 3g..but the tutorial is stupid