How To Install Official Facebook iPad App [Tutorial]


Believe us when we say that something amazing has just happened. It has been discovered that the recent Facebook iOS app update contains hidden code for official Facebook iPad app that is going to be released soon. This tutorial will guide you on how to install Facebook iPad app.

Just two days ago, Facebook has released version 3.4.4 for their iOS app. The changelog indicated that this version came only with bug fixes and performance improvements. It was later discovered by Techcrunch that it contained code for the yet to be released Facebook iPad app. A release date was not known for the release of official Facebook for iPad app, but now with the discovery of how to install Facebook iPad app, it seems only a matter of days before this application goes live on the App Store.

How To Install Official Facebook iPad App:

Step 1: Download Facebook for iPhone, iPad and iPod touch. [iTunes Link]

Step 2: To continue, you need to be on a jailbroken iPad. Here's how you can jailbreak the first generation iPad on iOS 5 beta 4, iOS 4.3.3 and 4.3.2. To jailbreak iPad 2 you must be on iOS 4.3.3, if you are, follow this guide.

Step 3: Open Cydia and install iFile, we'll be needing it.

Step 4: Once installed, run iFile. Follow this path: Applications > Facebook > Locate a file named Info.plist and open it in the Property List Viewer.

Step 5: Once opened, scroll down until you locate the UIDeviceFamily string. When you do find it, tap on it.

Step 6: Upon tapping, you shall find a ticket system with default setting to "1", change that to "2".

Step 7: After changing this setting, return to the iPad home screen and reboot your device.

This is all you need for installing official Facebook app on iPad. If you face any problems during the procedure, don't hesitate to ask for help by commenting below. Also, once you go hands on with Facebook iPad app, do share you experience with us.

UPDATE: Facebook has banned access to this leaked iPad app. However, you can follow this guide to re-activate leaked official Facebook iPad app. It will work flawlessly.

  • Anonymous

    Wow, that actually looks pretty cool. Good stuff.

    • Kankeed

      install facefoward form cydia

  • Mickrsims

    I have the app but now it won’t let me log on ,

    • Tim

      Same here. It won’t let me log in.

  • Joseph Celebioglu

    Won’t let me log in either..

  • Seuyi Li

    shown for ipad2 but cannot log in, why?

  • A Suarez 2k6

    Won’t let me log in

  • Jenner Mallari

    it wont log me in