White iPod touch 5 Leaked Pictures Have Much To Tell


A while back, we happened to come across what allegedly are white iPod touch 5 leaked pictures. The next generation iPod touch, in white, is shown in pictures whose legitimacy is obviously under question. Nevertheless, these leaked white iPod touch 5 pictures have many stories to tell.

Originally reported by 9to5mac, this particular component is a digitizer component. There's just one catch though. This white iPod touch 5 part is similar to the digitizer component on the current fourth generation iPod touch, which gives rise to two logical assumptions. Either this part belongs to a scrapped white iPod touch 4 model that never hit production or the next generation iPod touch will just be a minor update with no major design changes, and then there's the obvious assumption that these pictures might not be authentic at all.

Concord Securities analyst Ming-Chi Kuo who has a good track record when it comes to revealing information about upcoming Apple products has also claimed that the people over at Cupertino are planning to release a white iPod touch later this year whereas production is expected to start in the end of August. Also, in iOS 5 SDK, references have been found of iPod4,2 which hint at a possible revision to Apple's blockbuster portable music player. By revision, it is implied that the white iPod touch 5 might be a slight update with no radical changes in design. A change in colour, the A5 dual-core processor and better cameras are all we can hope to get in the next generation iPod touch. A white iPod touch is definitely going to be a welcome addition to the family of both the white iPhone 4 and white iPad 2.

On the other hand, a previous rumor claims that Apple plans to release a 3G capable iPod touch in September. These are conflicting reports actually, as some  claim that Apple has pushed back the September launch of the new iPod line up to release iPhone 5. Apple probably knows best what's about to happen, come September 2011.

Even if this leaked white iPod touch 5 picture is authentic, it doesn't show a redesign. Now we've seen that the iPod touch is similar in design to the iPhone and if a next generation iPhone is going to be radically redesigned, how come the next generation iPod touch is going to retain the same design as the iPod touch 4G and would only be released in a new colour, with a faster processor and better cameras? Maybe we won't see a redesigned iPhone after all, maybe its just going to be a minor update as shown in these leaked iPhone 4GS pictures. It seems only logical to ponder upon this question.

It is not yet known what products will Apple be releasing in September. However, the month isn't that far off and within the next forty-five days it shall be a whole lot clearer as to what Apple plans on launching. Who places their bets on a white iPod touch 5 and iPhone 5 launching together? Drop a comment below!