Fix Invalid IPA / Installation Failed Installous Error On Jailbroken iPad 2, iPhone and iPod touch


Many readers of our blog and subscribers of our YouTube channel have time and again asked us a solution for the invalid ipa / installation failed issue with Installous on jailbroken iPhone, iPad and iPod touch. In this post, we shall be doing exactly that. This guide will teach you how to fix invalid ipa issue in Installous 4.

Installous Invalid Ipa Installation Failed

What's the issue?

When you use Installous to download an app from the various sources that it lists for you, the app will be successfully downloaded on your jailbroken iOS device. Recently, our readers also complained that they could not download apps from Installous and were facing the API Error issue, we've already posted a guide on how to fix API Error issue on Installous 4, be sure to check that out as well. However, when the app was fully downloaded, it would not install even if you had the Install Automatically option turned on in Installous settings. If you manually went to the Downloads tab and tapped on the downloaded ipa file of the app, you would be presented with this error message: Invalid ipa / Installation failed.

Why does it happen?

There are basically two reasons why you may be facing this issue, the crux of both of which is that AppSync for your particular firwmare isn't installed correctly. We'll list both of them down below.

What is AppSync?

AppSync allows you to install and sync jailbroken apps. In layman terms, cracked apps downloaded using Installous can be installed on your jailbroken iOS device as well as be synced with iTunes. The latest version of AppSync supports iOS 4 and above. Even works with all three iOS 5 betas.

What are the reasons?

Number 1: It's possible that Installous may have not correctly installed. Sometimes repositories installed in Cydia can't download packages correctly due to server side issues. The particular repository which hosts Installous, the Hackulous repository to be precise can be added in Cydia by entering the following url: For the first time, even if you just select Installous from the Hackulous repository, AppSync is also installed for the firmware running on your device. Its possible that either one of these packages may not have been correctly installed.

Number 2: Its highly likely that the AppSync installed on your device may not be for the firmware that you are running, or its also possible that AppSync may not have been installed from its official source, the Hackulous repository. The latter has a higher chances of exisiting if you have had Installous installed from some who didn't have any idea of what they were attempting to do and installed it from one of the many repositories that host AppSync.

The fix:

Number 1: Simply reinstall both Installous and AppSync on your jailbroken device. To do that, open Cydia>Manage>Packages then scroll and locate both AppSync and Installous. They are listed in alphabetical order so you'll notice AppSync up top, and will have to scroll a bit for Installous. Locate both of them and reinstall them from there. Try installing any app now, and if it successfully installed, enjoy!

Number 2: Open Cydia>Manage>Packages and tap on AppSync. If you're on iOS 4 and above, which should be likely as if you're still on iOS 3 and above YOU NEED TO UPGRADE, it should say AppSync for iOS 4+ and should also show that it has been downloaded from the Hackulous repository. Locations of these markings are shown in the red boxes. Now if AppSync doesn't read what we wrote above and simply says AppSync or AppSync for iOS 3+ and is hosted in any other repository, uninstall it immediately and proceed to the Hackulous repository to install it from there.

This will fix the invalid ipa / installation failed error for good. We've tried it out on a number of devices and guarantee that it will work for you. However, if you still face any difficulties at any part of the procedure, don't hesitate to describe your problem in a comment below and immediately get help from our team.

  • iPad 2 user!

    Installous error Ipa Unvailable is still present on iPad 2 with 4.3.3 iOs. I’ve been trying everything you said in the post and it is still npot working! the apptraker website is working fine from safari so no ip issues in this case!

    • Lota Man

      you’re facing the API Unavailable error?

      • Mimisqui

        I am.. I tried it all and nothing it won’t even load the categories

        • Bindry

          when i install any big game like spiderman, need for speed etc from installous, it gives the message installation failed,,, plz tell me about this,,,?

  • Newb to jb using ipad2

    I have the same thing. I can search for the app but when i try to click the download button it keep saying “api error api unavailable” pls help

  • Christopheryoung41

    My firmware is 4.2.6 and i have installous 4 through hackulous. I also have appsync for 4.0+ through hackulo. I was able to get apps fine for months. Now i try to pick an app and api error comes up before i can download a link. Most apps don’t even show me a link now.

  • Khan

    on my hackulo i don’t have appsnyc 4.+ y?

    • Lota Man

      Reinstall repo

  • Texasteesfw

    Did that and still get API Failure?????



    • Lota Man
    • ZAch

      I did to

    • Prince

      That could be because of you Internet connection to. I had the same problem so I first deleted App sync then installous after I went to setting and reset network settings. After that I got app sync installous and reconnected to wifi. Hope it could help

    • Jandrus053

      It wont let me install app sync to begin with it just errors everytime i try to do that

    • Jandrus053

      It wont let me install app sync to begin with it just errors everytime i try to do that

      • Lota Man

        add the Hackulous repository once again.

        • D-hazza

          it just says continue queing .. “the requested modifications cannoy be applied due to required dependencies or conflicts that cannot be automatically found or fixed”

          dno wat to do

  • Bob

    it didnt work

  • Kai

    it has worked for me.
    i re-install appsync then installous.. respringed my device and it all works now..

  • Topebloodx

    mine is this, i download via instalous, the app logo comes on my ipad, i try opening it but the screen goes blank then takes me back to the previous screen. whats up

  • Exemplik

    Still doesn’t work, I get the API Error, and yes I did go to that API Error fix post and no it didn’t work.

  • Ebaygirl1994

    Hi I have this app called Iwifihack and I put it in installousbusing ifunbox but it would install it keeps saying invalid ipa failed installation please help any ideas of how to get it on my iPod besides ITunes

  • Mamasan

    Still getting the invalid API error when I try to install it..
    It seems it worked for some tho.

  • guest

    I had the same problem but mine worked by doing this:
    Delete Both appync and Installous.
    Then Download appsync first
    Then Installous.

  • Jamesonmp1998

    When i Want Download Anything on Cydia they say need Firmware >=4.0
    But i am using iphone 4?
    How do i fix this plz help

  • Xxlehomaxx

    It’s nothing wrong with your connections. it is basically the hackulo servers being flooded with requests.
    wait until the busy hours (times when most people go on) are over. so do this around 10pm->anytime you wake up.

  • Xxlehomaxx

    It’s nothing wrong with your connections. it is basically the hackulo servers being flooded with requests.
    wait until the busy hours (times when most people go on) are over. so do this around 10pm->anytime you wake up.

  • Xxlehomaxx

    It’s nothing wrong with your connections. it is basically the hackulo servers being flooded with requests.
    wait until the busy hours (times when most people go on) are over. so do this around 10pm->anytime you wake up.

  • Faroomian

    I tried to uninstall AppSync to resovle this error but it says.

    trying to overwrite ‘/usr/bin/patchsync’,which is also in package appsync
    and also
    Sub-process /usr/bin/dpkg returned an error code (1)

    THen i read about uninstalling installous4 first and then app sync and then installl app syn from Hackulous repository. But when I try to uninstall installou4, i still get the above error. So basically I am totally stuck. Is there anyway i can remove these packages via terminal using some command.

  • Vvp09

    I deleted and reinstalled app sync and installous after I tried updating the soft ware
    I have tried this on 3 different Internet connections
    Still getting IPA Error

  • Dkaralou

    bonjour, ben voila moi j’ai appsync for 4.0+ j’ai tou les truc encadrer en rouge mais sa marque invalid ipa instalation failed reponder moi vite plizzzz!!!!

  • Kilomeilo

    hi, I installed few apps using installous, they installed properly, the icons are there but can’t OPEN, can anyone help me???

    • Lota Man

      Try removing and reinstalling Installous.

    • Lota Man

      Try removing and reinstalling Installous.

    • Lota Man

      Try removing and reinstalling Installous.

  • Driedhead

    i can install applications and packages coming from utilities and other but i cant install apps for games.

  • Borthie

    tis doesnt work for me the ipa error still occurs

  • kc

    Hi, I am trying to install tiger 12 on my iphone 4 4.3.3 and keep getting installation error invalid bigblind ipa I have re-installed installous 4 and appsync 4+ and do not have any other appsync apps installed. thanks in advance for replies


    For you to claim that the above will solve the problem for everyone is ridiculous. Obvisouly there are several people still facing this issue. The real problem are the makers of Installous; they need to get their shit together. This fix did not work for me, and I’ve tried everything. Absolute every fix that I’ve found online has failed. And yes, I’m installing everything correctly. I wonder when you test it (after the fix) do you guys try downloading hefty apps like Pages or Keynote or any Navigation app. Sure this fix will work if you’re trying to download Angry Birds or Fruit Ninja, but it’s the large apps that are more expensive and in demand that are resulting in the IPA error. Please find another solution because this one doesn’t work for everyone.

    I even tried another app called AppCake, and that didn’t work either. Won’t install the app after download.

  • RDS

    My problem is like i downloaded need for speed shift nd hot pursuit……but when i try to install….it gives an error….Installation failde:invalid ipa
    I removed nd reinstalled appsync for 4.0+ nd then installous4…..but it is still not working

  • BladeM0nkey

    So I’m not the only one here I remove it then add it again respring and then try to download something and the IPA error still comes up. I have no idea what is happening…

  • John Wikinson99

    I’m having loads of errors on cidya so u literally can’t do any thing! :( help please

  • Erni-koci

    i tied to reinstall and reboot the device i have appsync 4+ and when i try to download fifa or nba at the end it says invalid ipa again but on the small memory it works just on the games that have alot of memory it says that i have iphone 3g and help me to fix this problem

  • Misterpks

    Hello I try it but I still having problem with a particular app. FIFA12 only with this app I have the invalid IPA is on iTouch 4 my mail

  • Alex_chaplain

    It still didn’t work for me. I did everything you said to do and it still gave me that error message. HELP ME!!!

  • Ernestotriant

    FIXED!!! Ty a lot .

  • Deena

    Ok, so jailbreak my ipod touch 4G with iOS 5.0 and every time after i download installous 4 with appsync version 5.0 i keep getting IPA error. Do you have any solutions?

  • Loeiejhje

    I installed IO5 in my IPAD 1 but I’m havin problems from ipas downlaoded from internet it says Invalide IPA but I don t understand I’ve already intalled and reinstalled but nothing happens trying hard I could install juste one game but the other I try to install it always says Inlvaid Ipad

  • Obama

    thanks, reinstalling installous and appsync cleared the invalid api error. :)

  • Ceohowell

    When I try to sync cracked apps into my itunes from my computer it says that the ipa could not be added to my itunes because it is not a valid app is this the same problem?

  • Samsonmillward

    Ok I did all the steps on number 1 and now I can’t install appsync 4+ please help

  • Yoonbeanpark

    i do have it from a believable source and it is good for my version. What on earth is the problem?

  • Supahninja01

    I can’t even download app sync!!!Help!

  • kaden887

    i had all that stuff already but still noting UGGG

    • Matsmete

      re-jailbreak using redsn0w 0.9.10b3, you probably used b1 or b2.

  • poduser

    filedude works…….
    fileape doesn’t

    • Penislover


  • Derick M

    I have downloaded both AppSync and Installous serveral times and each time it still says Ipa error what do i do?

    • Derick M

      It doesnt say error. It says that the Ipa is invalid

    • Matsmete

      re-jailbreak using redsn0w 0.9.10b3, you probably used b1 or b2.

  • Nutzchocopudding

    I have downloaded appsync 5.0+ as my iPhone is 5.0.1 .
    But the app loads finished , it still says IPA error . I have reinstalled both , appsync and hackulos lots of time but nothing worked !

    • Matsmete

      re-jailbreak using redsn0w 0.9.10b3, you probably used b1 or b2.

  • Yusgre123

    Doesn’t work

  • Zombiejames

    Every thing is installed correctly but I still have the issue it will not install any app from installous “invalid ipa”

  • Anthony Negron

    I bought Black Ops Zombies from the real app store, and there is an update on installous 4 for it. I’m able to download it but when it installs i get a message saying “Invalid IPA”. What can I do about this?

    • Jakeking298

      I also downloaded black ops zombies and it worked but when I go to click on to the app to play it, it just boots me out of the app and back to the home screen it’s really starting to piss me off becuz I really want to play it.

      • LECV94

        Same goes to me to bro, have you find the solution

  • Maya_koj

    Ive done everything you said, but it still deosnt idevice is ios 4.2.1, is there a appsync thats 4.2? If there is, i cant find it

    • Mitch_7222

      same problem :( (

  • Anonymous

    I’ve done both of the things the article said to do and it doesn’t work. I’m trying to install “Infinity Blade 2″ on my iPad 2. Please help

  • Matsmete

    Please help i have 5.0.1 and get IPA error, tryed to reinstall appsync for 5.0+ and installous 4 for no good.. please help ?

  • Matsmete

    I did everything too, but I got ios 5.0.1 , and I’ve installed installous and the appsync 5.0 +, but still wont work, tried to delete er reinstall appsync first, then installous. But nothing helps! please help!

    • Pokemonrulez2468

      re-jailbreak using redsn0w 0.9.10b3, you probably used b1 or b2.

  • Pandaest09

    ive done this many many many times buht i have an ios 5 device and i dont think that this works for them……:)

    • Ryan Lu

      re-jailbreak using redsn0w 0.9.10b3, you probably used b1 or b2.

  • Roachbackup

    Thk yu,very useful!
    I fix it

  • Rux

    It didn’t work for me, I’m using an iphone 3gs on ios 5.0.1. Still getting the ipa invalid error :(

    • PokemonRulez2468

      re-jailbreak using redsn0w 0.9.10b3, you probably used b1 or b2.

  • Matsmete

    Do anyone know, when the semi-tethered jailbreak will launch? pretty annoying that with untethered if the device (ipod,iphone, etc) turns off you have to connect to a computer to turn it on.. -., you also have to reboot every single time u download an app. so anyone know when the semi-thethered comes?

  • Tatumblakeney

    I have a 2g mc model 4.2.1 jail broken by greenpoison. I have the hackulo installous and appsync, yet I still get the invalid ipa error. Any suggestions?

    • Jakeking298

      The same exact thing happened to me I also have an iPod touch 2g 4.2.1 firmware with greenpoison jailbreak and it’s still not working. I’m trying to download minecraft pocket edition but it still says invalid ipa and I did all of the instructions u gave me.

    • dev

      i have also 3g 4.2.1 jail broken, and have been trying for 3 days to fix that problem but nothing help so far, i guess there is a problem with that frimware and it should be another way to fix it, if any of you fixed this out please help me and guid me cuz i’m hopeless now.

    • Aditi Sundararaman

      Me too. I tried like fifty different website’s option and they still didn’t work. It worked before I reset and re-jailbroke my iPod. Any ideas?

  • Marcocampos224

    I have my jailbreak on 5.0.1 untethered and I have appsync 5.0 and installous 4. It always tells me ipa invalid. What should I do?

    • Ashley Rego4u

      ok here’s what you need to do:
      1.remove mobile sustrate(all related apps will also go but u can install them again)
      2.restart your device
      3.install mobile substrate again install installous
      5.restart device
      and you should not have any errors.

      • Me

        Great!! works for me. A upgrade was good enough to solve the issue. The rejailbreak was not a solution

      • Chase Mahoney

        Ugh didn’t work for me :( all that trouble for it not to work

      • Pablo23p

        Ashley u don’t no what the hell ur talkin about …

      • Phxbird1998

        what is ‘mobile substrate’?

    • Afah

      i have the same problems as yours..have you already fixes yours?

  • Nick Simpson

    i have appsync 4.x and im running 4.2.1 and installous 4. i did what u told me and it still gives me invalid ipa

  • Hansencastro25

    I have a 4.2.1 device, and i have tried it all: reinstalling appsync 4.0+ and installous, checked that i have the hackulo url, and restarting my device, and it still doesnt work. Are there any other options?

  • Risabh lachuriya

    i downloaded fruit ninja from installous its not working properly it opens and then cloeses automatically i hav installed appsync also i hav ipod 2g

    • Vissong

      I have same problem

  • Stianen

    This worked for me!!!

    — > Just re-install “mobile substrate” in cydia.

    Nothing else.

    • test

      This is exactly what worked for me with IPhone 4 5.1.1 jailbroken with absinthe 2.0.4. Also same issue with redSn0 b1

  • helper

    just go to settings and make sure your idevice doesn’t lock and when download is complete, install and enjoy

  • Abu618

    just install appcake, cracked Apps and installous Resources

  • Barnsen11

    I’ve done all the staff descripted above, but it still doesn’t work on my device. I have the ios 5.0.1 on iphone 4!
    What can i do?

  • Barnsen11

    Thank’s to Ashley Rego4u,

    the comments worked out!!!

  • MauricePhoenix

    Is This Work For Newly JB IPad2 Which just release several days ago? If it is i need help coz doing all above does nothing to me. It still says “invalid IPA”

    • Lota Man

      Does work.
      Sent from my BlackBerry® Smartphone provided by Ufone

  • sassy08

    hey there. could you please help? im using an iphone 3gs and i updated ti to the lastest iOS 5.01 and i installed appsync iOs 5.0+ and installous 4. and i started downloading some apps but my apps never finish downloading. it just loads for a while then it gets stuck? i tried to delete and reinstall the cracked apps but same thing happens. it doesnt say anything aboiut the API error or whatever but it just won’t load. it’s like just stuck there? what should i do? please help!! you can email me at! please please help! im so lost :(

  • Rmr4884

    Some of my apps aren’t saving or letting me load music (recording apps) what happened & how can I delet & re install so complete version will work again

  • Krzysztof_garbos

    I’ve reinstalled cydIa and installous on hackulo with appsync 5.0+ because thats my version. also i installed the other packages from hackulo. i did already all the steps you mentioned and it still doesnt work. i need help

  • Curtis

    I have a iPhone 4s and have everything you said. All my sources are right and I got a jailbroken iPhone. What do I do I get ipa invailed when I try to install it. Please help I have tried it all.

  • SupremeDarkUnderLord

    running 5.0.1 on ipad2 jailbroken by the new greenpoison . everything is installed as asked but still getting ipa error. help?

  • Mikailmark

    try install forgein languages it worked for me :)

  • Lloyd Tailall

    I tried everything but it still gives me the same error.please help.

  • Ace89513

    I’m trying to download infinity blade 2 but it keeps giving me that I have an invalid ipa . I did everything you told me to do and still doesn’t work please send me an email . At . I would really appreciate

  • Ace89513

    hey im really stuck ive been trying too download infinity blade 2 on my ipad 2 and i get the ipa thing.. I am running app sync for ios 5.0+ and installous 4 what do i doo ?? id really appreciate if you send me an email on how to fix this Please

  • Heartgramsk8

    I did everything that u said it didn’t work I hv iPod touch 4g on 4.0 software pls help!!!!

    • Lota Man

      You need to update software on your iPod.
      Sent from my BlackBerry® Smartphone provided by Ufone

  • Jo_tay99

    i have an itouch 4g with iOS 4.3.3. i can download most games from installous fine, but when i attempt to download a large game i.e. on 75 mb + when it finishes downloading it will attempt to install it but before it ever does it gives the invalid ipa. i have the appsync 4.0+ and have tried re downloading installous as well as appsync and nothin works :/ trying to download run, zombies! so maybe its just the game but idk. any help would be awesome

  • Evilmonkey

    I have an ipod 4 IOS 5.1 and It says the Ipa is invalid

    • Lota Man

      Download Appsync update from Cydia.
      Sent from my BlackBerry® Smartphone provided by Ufone

      • Coolerthanyou

        fuckkkkk blackberyy>:(

  • Preciousdija17

    I have an iOS 5 n this doesn’t work for me

  • Feltonjames

    i can not download any apps at all and i follow all the notes..nothing seems to work

  • Feltonjames

    nvm the app was not my dum ass

  • Asma

    Hi, I have an iphone 3G,i upgrade to iOS 4.1,and I install installous. I was downloading application from my PC, and transfer it to installous via ifunbox. Everything was working fine.Suddenly,one day when i transfer apps to installous n try to install it ,it tells me “installation failed,.ipa is not valid”. I try to reinstall installous and appsync4+ but still the same!!Any Solution?

  • Bdub045

    I’m on ios 4.1 jailbroken with modem firmware 02.10.04.
    I have installous 4 w appsync 4 .+ ive tried all the fixes and still
    Have “invallid ipa” error not sure if i need to upgrade my firmware to 4.3 or what cam u help

  • Patricia

    Please help me? :(
    I’m a pretty new Apple/iPad user so you can count me as a totally clueless person seeking for help (sorry!). So my condition:
    My iPad 2 is version 5.0.1, I think I’m still having the latest software version ’cause I bought this iPad like 1-2 months ago. I got the Cydia & Installous stuffs installed by a computer store staff. I’m currently facing that ‘Installation failed: invalid IPA’ issue when trying to install downloaded apps in Installous. I also had the “Install Automatically” option turned on in Installous settings. So I searched ‘Appsync’ in Cydia (like the second picture above) and there’s 4 stuffs that came out; Appsync for 4.0+, for 3.1, for 3.2, for iOS 5.0+. I read your article but I’m still not clear on what I really should do (sorry sorryyy).
    Some other sites suggest ‘deleting Hackulo repo (?) and Installous from Cydia and reinstall then reboot’ (I know neither what is that nor how to do it) but I’m afraid that if I do the unclear suggestions I read on those sites I’ll do some damage to my iPad.
    Sorry if this is too long! Also English isn’t my first language so forgive me if I missed a point or anything. I’m really sorry for troubling you, I just want to fix this thing and download and install apps smoothly. Can you please help me? It’d be a big help. Thankyou :)

  • Phoenixfireblast9

    Everytime I try to download large apps like today I tried installing nova 3 and it was a pretty big app and I do everything the fix said and I looked over it more than once and still saw the damn invalid ipa notification, if nobody helps me I’m going to bust a nut!

  • Phoenixfireblast9

    Oh and just in case u were wondering, my firmware is 5.0.1

  • Gordy

    This didnt work ive tried this before. I really do have a feeling its a problem with green poison bcs all of my other friends that have jailbroken have not had this problem even once

  • Tarek

    Did it all but still I see ipa error why is that????

  • Tres Garcia

    Ive been trying to download Black Ops Zombies and a couple other games but they dont install onto my home screen at all, what should I do?

  • lorin11432

    hi i dont have your problem but when i go to download something and it takes me to the code screen.i type in the code and hit submit but all it does is take me to a blank screen and does nothing plzz help.

  • Vhsmith37

    I have the appsync for 5.0+ installed for my iPad (5.1.1) but the installation failed statement still keeps showing up… Help?!

  • Kevin G.

    i have installour 5 running on my device till now no application was installed due to ipa error

  • Kevin G.


  • Resa Redita

    i am still failed to install the application~
    although i am already completed download it T-T help me~~

  • Lupus Avius

    4G 5.0.1 here tried all of this and some other stuff and still nothing so any ideas?

  • danny cass

    it lets me download all apps but not football manager handheld and i realy want that one …. help please

  • Medina

    I have a iPad 1 and I tried reinstalling both Installous and Appsync and my firmware matches with the Appsync but it still doesn’t work?

  • Ayaz

    Hi my problem is crackles is showing ipastore synchronize failed n appcake and share is not working and other apps and games are nt workin I hav installed firmware 6.1.3 My iPhone s/no 86022y293np. Modem firmware 06.15.00 it’s an iPhone 3GS it is iOS 4.1. It is jailbroken and how can I upgrade it to iOS 6. Itune and AppStore is showing blank

  • Ayaz

    Hi my problem is crackles is showing ipastore synchronize failed n appcake and share is not working and other apps and games are nt workin I hav installed firmware 6.1.3 My iPhone s/no 86022y293np. Modem firmware 06.15.00 it’s an iPhone 3GS it is iOS 4.1. It is jailbroken and how can I upgrade it to iOS 6. Itune and AppStore is showing blank

  • Ankit

    I am having 3GS it still shows invalid ipa

  • Paul Beech

    every time I try and add a hackulous or anything else for that matter I get error code 2 nodata 1 nodata 2 and some index files have failed to download they have been ignored or old one used instead . please help