iOS 4.3.4 Firmware Release To Patch JailbreakMe 3.0 PDF iPad 2 Jailbreak


Apple has confirmed that it will release iOS 4.3.4 firmware to patch the PDF exploit which finally brings a jailbreak for the iPad 2. JailbreakMe 3.0 went live a few days back and it currently jailbreaks iPad 2 on iOS 4.3.3, and other supported iOS devices on iOS 4.3 to 4.3.3.

Since the day JailbreakMe 3.0 went live, it has now jailbroken over 1 million iPhones, iPads and iPod touches. Why people were particularly anxious for JailbreakMe is the fact that it brings the long awaited iPad 2 jailbreak for which people have been waiting for a long, long time.

How does JailbreakMe 3.0 jailbreak your iOS device? Basically, it uses a vulnerability in mobile Safari that Apple previously didn't know of. It came under their spotlight when JailbreakMe beta leaked and put Comex on an unwanted deadline. Because following the leak, it was evident that Apple would work on patching the vulnerability and will push out a firmware upgrade to counter jailbreaking, particularly on its magical tablet.

A spokesperson for Apple has said that the company is aware of this vulnerability and is working to fix it. It should be kept in mind that this vulnerability in Safari could be used by people with malicious intentions as this vulnerability essentially gives root access to the device. So its not only used for JailbreakMe 3.0, it can be exploit by other, devious hackers as well. Comex himself rolled out a fix for this, PDF Patcher 2 is available now in Cydia for free and it closes the hole that JailbreakMe 3.0 uses, however Apple will definitely release iOS 4.3.4 to end JailbreakMe 3.0.

IF Apple releases iOS 4.3.4 in the coming days, it is imperative for you that you save iPad 2 iOS 4.3.3 SHSH blobs right NOW, as once 4.3.4 goes live, Apple will stop signing 4.3.3, meaning that if you're testing the latest beta of iOS 5 on iPad 2 right now and are thinking to downgrade to iOS 4.3.3 in a couple of days and then do the jailbreak, please save SHSH blobs now as once 4.3.4 goes live, you won't be able to come back to 4.3.3, and we all know very well that JailbreakMe 3.0 will not work with the yet to be released iOS 4.3.4. So be safe, and save those SHSH blobs!

Existing iOS devices, those which are susceptible to the Limera1n bootrom exploit, except the iPad 2 that is, will still be able to be jailbroken using redsn0w, sn0wbreeze and pwnagetool. However, it would take the devs some time to even come up with a jailbreak, untethered too, on iOS 4.3.4.

There's no word as yet on an iOS 4.3.4 release date. we'll update you as soon as we hear more.

  • Canadianhouseguest

    I wish I’d read this prior to allowing itunes to auto upgrade me this morning. I was half asleep and using my yet to be jailbroke 32gb ipad1. Now I have to wait and hope that we get an untethered jailbreak for ios 4.3.4 soon. Dammit.

    • Lota Man

      You can do a tethered jailbreak of your iPad1 at the moment, using redsn0w. Check the video tutorial on our YouTube channel:

  • Marc

    i hope they come out with a 4.3.4 jailbreakme soooooon!!!

  • Marc

    i hope they come out with a 4.3.4 jailbreakme soooooon!!!