Fix Installous API Error On Jailbroken iPad 2, iPhone and iPod touch


Jailbroken your iPad 2 recently? Most of our readers are complaining that they are facing an issue, API Error to be precise, when trying to access Installous at any point in time. This post will guide you on how to fix Installous API Error on your jailbroken iPhone, iPad and iPod touch.

Before we proceed, if you have stumbled upon here without any knowledge of how to get Installous on your jailbroken iOS device, follow our detailed guide posted here in order to get Installous on your jailbroken iPhone, iPad or iPod touch. The post also contains a video guide that is going to make everything easier for you to understand.

And if you don't even know how to jailbreak an iOS device, you can follow our detailed tutorial on jailbreaking iPad 2 and supported iOS devices via JailbreakMe 3.0. Alternatively, here's links for jailbreaking iOS 4.3.3 using redsn0w and sn0wbreeze on iPhone, iPad 1 and iPod touch.

Right so first you must understand why you face the API Error issue. If you have previously been using Installous, you'll know that this issue was rarely faced. However, since JailbreakMe iPad 2 jailbreak went live, huge amount of traffic started rolling in for Installous and naturally, the servers had to crumble. Picture this: Servers that are already coping with millions of jailbroken iPhones and iPod touches immediately have to cope with thousands of freshly jailbroken iPad 2. At the moment, the issue exists but for a short period of time. The day when JailbreakMe 3.0 went live, most people couldn't use Installous the whole night.

Dissident, the force behind Installous posted the following message on July 6:

Chances are, you're a new iOS jailbreaker. Since last night's jailbreak release, we've quadrupled in traffic and our servers are doing their best to cope. I'll be working pretty hard to keep things online, but every once in a while you'll meet a couple slow platches. Sorry!

So one of the solutions that we suggested to a couple of readers and it actually worked out for them was that you first remove Installous and the Hackulous repository from Cydia. Then reinstall the repository and Installous once again on your device. Reboot your device and launch Installous. As simple as this sounds, this has actually worked for many people.

If this doesn't work for you, then waiting it out is the only option here. It is clear from Dissident's message that regardless of the fact that server side work is underway, Installous users will have to bear with the slow patches and the inevitable API Error messages. If you can't access Installous at any particular time, its better that you try again in an hour or so, with the hope that traffic be relatively thin when you try.

Any questions? Leave a comment below and our team will tend to them immediately.

  • Kongcounter

    Mine dosnt say anything about api error it just say that i Can only get Them from AppStore

    • Dapperstraat

      You have to wait for à seconde and and THE zout Es’ Will appear….just à wait à few seconds.

      • Joshf21

        ive waited an hour and the links still never showed up :/ ?

        • Lota Man

          Too much traffic.

      • Joshf21

        ive waited an hour and the links still never showed up :/ ?

    • Erokhai

      Mine also shows only appstore.. But i notice there’s an API error msg at the background..

  • Carvicqueen

    but.. if i uninstall installous, do i lose all the apps that i have download??

    thnaks :)

    • Lota Man

      If they’re installed, then no.
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      • commenter23

        Sent from my new iPhone© 2G Smartphone provided by RIM
        P.S. : my first smartphone :)

  • Guest

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  • Aaa

    This happens every time a new device is jailbroken. I just wait a week and all is better.

  • Aaaaaa

    Lol gayest article ever

  • Kottasanju

    this iz very complicated

  • Khan

    Thank you!

  • silverstri

    just jailbroken my ipad, (not ipad 2) ver 4.3.3. However i keep getting API error when opened Installous… How long do i have to wait til i know its not because of the jailbroken thingy problems?

  • ShahAgaha

    Wow u go to wifi turn it off and turn it on and it works thanx

  • Mike555556788

    This sucks :(!!!!

  • Big bear

    When the problem will resolve? Cause I have reboot everything.. Still API error.. =(

  • Lala

    i already got a vew weeks the api error and it wont stop saying it -.-”

  • Lala

    i already got a vew weeks the api error and it wont stop saying it -.-”

  • Lala

    i already got a vew weeks the api error and it wont stop saying it -.-”

  • bob

    thx for the help i really hope this works. plz try to work faster on restoring installous. also my brother has the new i phone which he jailbroke and it can get on installous while my 3.0 upgraded cant?? y not?

  • bob

    u people suck i have been trying to get on for like 7 days and nothing works. and ur idea was horrible. it didnt work for me and i wont for probably anyone.

  • Aaron Rodgers John

    I have an …. interesting work-around. I’m on the iPad 2 latest firmware.

    I did the whole reinstalling and rebooting thing. Didn’t seem to work. The work-around from here is tedious.

    Turn off WiFi. Turn it back on.
    Launch Installous.
    For me, it then loaded everything but didn’t actually put apps in any of the categories.
    I searched for an app (in my case “PenUltimate”) and it showed “No Results”.
    Hit the home button to return to the Homescreen.
    Double tap the homebutton to open the Background bar and click on Installous.
    It should load whatever you searched for. (You may have to search again)

    Basically, if it stalls, close and reopen it through the Background bar. Tedious, but it has worked for me.

    Also, to you losers who are ragging on these guys for not having everything perfect for you. Go buy a programming book and then, once you are well-versed in the art of programming, you can talk all you want. But as it stands, you have no right to whine about their progress. Don’t bite the hand that feeds.

    • Lota Man

      Aye. :)
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    • Flyingkanga

      Woah that worked for me. Servers must be crashing and reloading every few seconds.

  • khaingwin win

    after jaibroken ios 4.3.3 ipad2 i cannot insall installous from cydian,how to fix,thank.

  • Dolphinabigail

    hi for me I can download the app but it can’t install. keep says invalid ipa!

  • Guest

    alternative is appcake

  • max stoller

    turn off wifi
    clear installous from multitasking tray
    turn on wifi
    installous works again

    • Cloudchii

      This one worked like magic! Thanks! :)

      • Lota Man

        You’re welcome

  • Laurel Lw Chan

    i tried reinstalling installous without following your steps – did not work. Followed your instructions with uninstalling installous, then deleting the repository and reinstalling then rebooting before opening installous. Worked like magic, thanks!

    • knucka

      it doesnt work unless you do it the way it works

  • Me

    So, will this problem be fixed?
    I hope it can be fixed ASAP. Please.

  • D_red135

    I did every thing this says and then some but it still won’t work. #HELP!!!! I also did everything the ppl said it the comment and still nothing.

  • Howhan_neo

    It worked but only for one app.I downloaded one app but when I tried downloading again the error came back

  • Michael226

    i have tryed all the fix on youtube and nothing has worked i have a iphone 3gs 4.3.3 and i have the api error all the time any help please

  • Texasteesfw

    Any word on the progress to get back up?

  • Mark

    Title of article: Fix Installous API Error On Jailbroken iPad 2, iPhone and iPod touch.

    Advice offered in article: Waiting it out is the only option…

    Really? The time taken to research and write this article was obviously well spent.
    Why are you even allowed online.

  • CydiaFan

    Fix Installous API Error

    Step 1: Remove repo
    Step 2: Buy Apps from iTunes
    Step 3: Enjoy good Karma from not being a cheap theif

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    • B N

      @Mark I disagree, not everyone who uses installous is a thief. I use it like a “try before you buy” because there’s no way of trying the full version as a time-limited trial. If I like the app, I’ll buy it from the appstore (or wait for a sale), if I don’t, then at least I didn’t waste my hard earned money (yeah, especially in this economy)

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  • Djinvdufu

    Wow.. Did I just read this long, boring article just to get an answer: “just wait” ?

    This writer is a f-ing trash.

  • Ndtran85

    I tried to remove and reinstall the installous many time but the problem is still there. The message saying “API error. Resources not found” poped up everytime I try to download something

  • Leachim

    …and this actually worked for me! thanks a lot!

  • Leachim

    …and this actually worked for me! thanks a lot!

  • Jgjh

    why is installos slow and always has api error?

  • Schehade

    No u don’t need to remove hackulo repository u only need to remove the following things:

    •your appsync 4.0+ or IOS
    •hackulo installous resources

    and then install them again starting by appsync then resources the installous

  • Schehade

    If anyone is looking for how to exit safemode it’s easy:

    Step 1:reinstall winterboard

    Step 2:if that didn’t work click on safemode and it will yell u restart it

    Step 3:restart it

    Step 4:if that dosnt work conrct it to iTunes and wait 4 minutes for iTunes to figure it out

    If that dosnt work your device is a piece of shit out of luck

  • WhadayaKnowAboutJB?

    MAN that didn’t work for me!I STILL get the Eroor page and even some of the apps on Installous Don’t show any Cracked Sources like Zshare or Filedude.JUST THE APPSTORE.What the heck do I do?

    • Obbi_1234

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  • Ben

    thanks for the comments.. i had loads of trouble.. the method of deleting everything, installing appsync, then installous (all from Hackulous repo) and rebooting worked for me

  • Saimrulez

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  • coolkid4

    dude i cant reboot becuz mine is a tethered jailbreak

    what do i do

    • Lota Man

      Do a tethered boot.

  • AK

    This is my first time getting my iPod Touch 4 jailbroken. Is it possible to still use the itunes store to update my apps or can I only use Installous to download anything?


    … And now we wait.

  • Rho Rho 10

    thanks so much

  • Asas

    absolutely pointless article!!!

  • Zipper_zim_2005

    what if u did both of those and u waited it out for 2 weeks then what do u do?

  • tomer

    my Email is:
    and i have a bug sometimes in insallous the bug is when i tryed to download modern combat 3: fallen nation its finished the download and says:insalloution failed-invalid ipaAPI something like that so can you please tell me whats the problem to my mail? *and my Inernetnetwork is fine*

  • Supahninja01

    I can’t download app sync

  • Wai wai

    Unable to update latest version after jailbreak.. Need to go to original app store to update and need to pay.

  • Hahere

    Server seems to be very slow. Is it only happened to me? Do comment. Thank you

    • Lota Man

      Probably the server.
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      • hahere

        Hoping so. Thanks

  • Jmercas

    Hey guys , THE SITUATION :Iphone 3gs Jailbroken via CYDIA yesterday, upgrade to IOS 5.0+. And today after installing INSTALLOUS 4, wich sounded wierd, and also AppSync IOS 5.0+. Started experimenting THE PROBLEM : API INVALID or API MISSING issues. After downloading and trying to install Apps.
    Did after that remove and install several times both INSTALLOUS and APPSYNC, with out any results.
    THE QUESTION: Should i lose my temper to this or is its provable that NOT all App Are yet compatible with IOS 5.0+ After 2 days in the market?

    • Lota Man

      No no, the error isn’t there because apps are not compatible.
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  • Manojpotluri111

    i can’t add hackulo to cydia

  • Manojpotluri111

    i have tried a lot but i can’t add the repo to my cydia (3g) and the appsync also never worked (4.2.1)

  • sassy08

    hey there. could you please help? im using an iphone 3gs and i updated ti to the lastest iOS 5.01 and i installed appsync iOs 5.0+ and installous 4. and i started downloading some apps but my apps never finish downloading. it just loads for a while then it gets stuck? i tried to delete and reinstall the cracked apps but same thing happens. it doesnt say anything aboiut the API error or whatever but it just won’t load. it’s like just stuck there? what should i do? please help!! you can email me at! please please help! im so lost :(

    • Lota Man

      You need to rerun the jailbreak and download installous again.
      Sent from my BlackBerry® Smartphone provided by Ufone

  • Shanny 1997

    so simple! it worked for me :)

  • GRACEful

    this was so helpful! thx i don’t get those rude comments from people jealous cause Ur right and they wrong lol

  • Mohammed

    i need help fruit ninja wont work on my ipod 2?

  • Raph

    Still doesn’t work

  • Suraj

    My problem is it just shows ‘caching all applications’ endlessly and when i close it and open it again THEN it shows API error