How To Hacktivate iOS 5 Beta 2 on iPhone, iPad and iPod touch Without A Developers Account


iOS 5 beta 2 and beta 1 have been released and many non developers have also got their hands on the ipsws. Now the issue with installing beta firmware on your device when you are not a developer is that the UDID of the device needs to be registered, and for that you need to be enrolled as a developer in the Developer Program which costs $100. So what to do now? Read on below to find out more.

Many online scams rip off money from users who just want to get their UDID's activated so that they can use beta firmware. So to save you all from that, here's a write up on how to hacktivate iOS 5 beta 2 on iPhone, iPad and iPod touch without any developers account. Let me assure you, once you have done this procedure, your device will sync normally with iTunes and will also allow you to use the network on your iPhone.

Follow these steps:

Step 1: Download iOS 5 beta 2 ipsw for iPhone, iPad, iPod touch and also download iTunes 10.5 beta 2.

Step 2: Don't set up your device on iOS 5 just yet. First jailbreak your iOS device on iOS 5 beta 2 using either redsn0w or sn0wbreeze. Please note that this won't work on the iPad 2 as it can't be jailbroken right now. Boot your device tethered after the jailbreak and don't proceed with the set up procedure just yet.

Step 3: Basically, you need to navigate in to the filesystem of your iOS device and delete a certain key and string. To do that, you obviously need software. i-Funbox for Windows and iPhone Explorer for Mac are what you need.

Step 4: Launch whatever software you are going to use for this and navigate to this path: filesystem/library/coreservices/systemversion.plist. Right click on systemversion.plist and open it in the notepad. Now locate the following key and string: <key>ReleaseType</key> <string>beta</string>. You must remove this key and string and save the changes to the .plist file.

Step 5: Restart your iPhone, iPad or iPod touch. That's it! Now connect it to iTunes and you'll see that it syncs flawlessly without a UDID registration. iPhone owners will also be able to use their networks.

*Note: Only those iPhone owners who have officially unlocked iPhones or carrier locked ones may upgrade to iOS 5 beta firmware as no software unlock for iOS 5 beta is available. Even Gevey interposer has been blocked in iOS 5 beta 2.

If you're on iOS 5 beta 1, don't worry as this procedure will also work on the first beta of iOS 5. Simply download iOS 5 beta 1 ipsw and follow the procedure documented here.

Video guide embedded below:

Need any extra help? Drop a comment below and we'll be glad to help you out.

Thanks Kamil!

  • Sean Heffernan

    I have followed all steps so far- when i get to the part where i have to delete that key and string, in iphone explorer after expanding “iPhone” i am presented with apps and media. no root access.

    • Sean Heffernan

      Solved. My problem was that in redsnow I chose “Just reboot my device tethered” (jailbroken)
      but apparently i had to install cydia too.
      it works :)

  • Sean Heffernan

    I’m curious… the jailbreak step was tethered. So in theory, I should be able to restart my device and all of the “evil” (in the eyes of apple) jailbreak stuff will go away? (cydia, boot logos, etc.)

  • Michaelladanyi76

    will this work outside of the US e.g. Australia?

    • Lota Man

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  • Chris H

    can i remove the jailbreak after everything is running smoothly?

    • Chris

      I used iPhone Explorer to remove Cydia after iTunes had finished the sync.
      Seems to be working fine

  • Kieran Williams

    cant seem to delete the ReleaseType beta. every time i delete and then save and open it back up again its there again.

    • Lota Man

      Save the .plist file to your desktop. Make changes there. Then copy it back to the filesystem of your device.
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    • Fred Chan

      i had that problem aswell. you just have to delete the string, save as to ur desktop, then drag it back in. hope this helps

  • Supercowrider

    when i trying to restore iOS 5 beta 2 i have error code 3194. and i dont know why. can somebody help me?

  • Alan G

    i can confirm that this works perfectly

  • Vinod

    Hello mate, I have not received my activation email yet. Can you please check and confirm if I should still be waiting for it? I’m so very eager for the new IOS

    • Vinoth Subramanian

      Me too vinod.. I too didn’t get any activation email yet…

  • Michael

    This is so badass I’m stoked about this release. I have upgraded to IOS5 and then downgraded back to 4.3.3 because it seemed to unstable on the 3GS but I went ahead and upgraded again and all seems well I really like the camera on the lockscreen.

  • Fred Chan

    This works.. but my Safari wont open, it crashes everytime i try to open it.. WHY?

    • Kamil Wiecko

      reboot tethtered

      • Fred Chan

        dont understand.. you mean when i use redsnow.. select ‘reboot tethered’ and not ‘install cydia’?

        • Kev


  • Levronstyle

    Ohkay…! so instead choosing Beta 2. If i choose Beta 1 to be installed on my iPhone 4. Will tht lock my iPhone 4 running on Gevey Sim. Or will it work normally since the interposer has been blocked in Beta 2. Please explain, just dnt want to screw up my phone.

    • Kamil Wiecko

      You can install beta 1 safely and still unlcok with gevey

  • Vinoth Subramanian

    Lota man, When u will register my iphone UDID? Am eagerly waiting long!

  • Vinoth Subramanian

    Lota man, When u will register my iphone UDID? Am eagerly waiting long!

  • Adam

    Ive tried using iphone explorer and iphone browser and also Diskaid although i couldnt find the above path mentioned Whereas my friend’s iphone which is running 4.3.3 is working perfectly fine with any of the browsers used and also he was able to acces the above mentioned Path.

  • Anonymous

    alright I’m on iphone 4gsm, jailbroken 5beta2 with sn0wbreeze, for some reason the system extension is not showing in the ifunbox, any suggestions? please help

  • Jon

    this doesnt work for me i try to save it
    and nothing happens

  • Kamon Junchana

    Cydia gone but some cydia’s apps still work such as ifile terminal and FBphotosave, how come?

  • Kevin Olson

    This is a nightmare, just find someone with a developer account, spend a very small amount of money and register your device and avoid all the headaches. It will sound like I am trying to peddle something here but I know from experience this is no fun cause I first tried to install with out a developer account and then it was a total pain to downgrade back, not to mention if you just want to restart your device. Go with me or go with someone else but get it registered if you want to try this. I have a few spots left on my dev account $7 if interested iosdevaccess at gmail dot com

    • Lucas

      ill pay $7 for registration.

  • Jon

    I fixed my problem but the directions were a lil vague. when I just clicked “save” to save the change in the .plist file it didnt save so instead I copied the file edited it saved it on my desktop and “deleted” the original and then “pasted” the edited file afterwards once I did that It FINALLY worked.

  • Ambiguous19

    Can someone please activate my UDID the safari doesnt work and a couple others

  • Vinoth Subramanian

    Lota man, plz send me a reply.. When u will register my iPhone udid?

  • Kamil Wiecko

    If your safari or cydia crashes when you try to open it, just reboot your phone as tethered. It will be fixed.

  • Vinoth Subramanian

    Its a fake.. It seems like no one is registering the UDID here… I have waited for three days and till now not even a single reply… Be careful guys before giving your udid..

    • Lota Man

      Before you start trashing our site, I suggest that you read the comments on that particular post. We’ve rolled UDID activations to over 90 people, the process took at least two weeks. I’m sorry if you can’t wait for something that’s free and as a favour, then you might as well just pay for it. Good day.
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      • Guest

        Oh, sorry Lota.. I just posted too much only to get a reply from u… If u have told me before, i would have not posted comments unnecessarily.. I only posted as i lost my faitth and to save others..
        Anyway sorry…

      • Guest

        but how to delete my comments?

        • Lota Man

          That’s unnecessary.
          Sent from my BlackBerry® Smartphone provided by Ufone

      • Vinod

        Hello mate, I have been following the comments on the site since I registered my udid, three days back. I can’t agree more with you that this is a favour you are doing to us for kind and not cash. I think most of the folks here are, like me, excited, enthusiastic and eager to get going with their fav set of features. I think another kind gesture from you could be to let people know who has been registered and who is not, so that we can have the right expectation. I can’t explain how eagerly I am waiting for the activation to be done. Please consider!


        • Vinoth Subramanian

          Yes Vinod.. You are correct.. They r saying that it might take two weeks but in two or three weeks even ios 5 might be released for public use to all iphone owners. So, it would be nice if they activate udid soon..

  • Anonymous

    I have applied and waiting for reply….

  • Harryyzzz

    i am unable to find core services in library what to do now

  • Lucas

    Ok i just installed IOS 5 on my iPhone 4 (GSM) on 5.0 Beta 1 and instead of using a program on my computer i added the repo http//sinfuliphonerepo(dot)com in Cydia and i installed iFile (for free) and i edited the .plst file within iFile and saved it there then i restarted and now it works! My internet and 3G work perfectly fine.

    • Sirknightrye_1919

      good for you lucas, but ios 5.0beta1 does’t work on my iphone 4.

    • Guest

      Thats a PIRACY repo…and iFile is SHAREWARE anyways. Don’t Pirate. Especially when you didn’t need to in the first place!

  • Vinod

    Hey buddy, can you please confirm whether or not you are going to register my Udid for activation so that I can at least look at other means rather than pondering around. I think you should’nt have put it as wait for 24 hours. I am sure several others like me her are pondering the site only to chase their activations. Please confirm!

  • Rafael

    Muito bom! Funciona perfeitamente!

  • guest

    is the free udid activation real?

    • Unit057

      The instructions above is a by-pass not a free activation. But it works great

      • Unit057

        At least I don’ think it’s a free activation. If it is, cool

    • Unit057

      The instructions above is a by-pass not a free activation. But it works great

  • guest

    i alwys get a unexpected error message no matter what i try

  • guest

    i always get a unexpected error message when i try to jailbreak it. can u tell me step by step what to do please?

  • Mattdo93

    This worked perfectly for me! :) although you might want to mention that you have to install Cydia as well in order to find the System in i-Fun.

    Also, how are we gonna update to Beta 3? Hooe you guys can post a tutorial for that as well!

  • Mario-liban

    Lota Man can u register my UDID? I would really appreciate it!!

  • Dejan

    Worked for me, I just needed to use redsnow and choose iOS5 b 1 because snowbreeze didn’t work and the .plist file in Ifunbox I had to copy to my computer then erase key and string, save and then copy back to the iphone.

  • Deutscheläbenlänger

    For those who have problems to delete the string and key :
    download notepad++
    copy the plist file to the destkop
    delete the key and the string
    copy back into coreservices folder on your iPhone

    • Marlon

      or use wordpad instead of notepad this works for me

    • Malaika1818

      I try this but it’s still not working for me. Every time I do this step and then open it to check it, it hasn’t changed a thing.
      Am I missing something?

      Please help!

      • Malaika1818

        UGH…. Ok so I did the process without checking the .plist file after changing it. I just went straight to restarting the phone and going through the set up process… IT WORKS!!

        You guys are amazing!


        Thank you

  • Sean Heffernan

    Safari will not open, Cell service works, at times. Most of the time it doesn’t. And it’s not just that there’s no service, I tried a different phone in the same area.
    I know it’s beta software and all, but I would think that Apple would have noticed the safari issue b4 releasing this. So, unfortunately, since those are two MAJOR features for me, I’m gonna have to downgrade to 4.3.3 :’(

    • Kamil Wiecko

      Reboot tethered if your safari crashed on start.

    • Jlsh09

      You would have to run redsn0w again and just “run tethered boot”– had the same problem.

  • Commander Death

    Thanks it really work and I love iOS 5 beta 2 on my iPhone 4 16 gb GSM


    Can I use the system.plist part without jailbreak? Because iFunbox works all redy on unjailbreaked Devices but I don’t are very sure that this are functionally
    thank you for the help =)

  • Jakob

    Followed this and nothing changed

  • Sam

    Hello.. When I try to jailbreak my iPhone 4 GSM on Beta 2 redsnow crashes at “Uploading First Stage”. Any help? D:

    • Kamil Wiecko

      point Redsn0w to beta 1 IPSW

      • Sam

        I point it to beta 1 always but during the uploading first stage thingy it crashes and flashes me “redsn0w.exe has encountered an error and needs to close blah blah blah”.

        • Kamil Wiecko

          try redownloading redsn0w. if not, use sn0wbreeze

      • Sam

        Still doesn’t work. Redownloaded redsn0w more than 10 times. And Hotfile hates me and doesn’t want to let me download sn0wbreeze.

      • Sam

        Still doesn’t work. Redownloaded redsn0w more than 10 times. And Hotfile hates me and doesn’t want to let me download sn0wbreeze.

  • marlon

    would it be possible to upload instead of kernel etc only the build.plist file so it wont have cydia but could be activated etc

  • Bundyae85

    cheers man, worked like a charm, only thing was had to use beta 1 file with redsnow to jailbreak beta 2, works sweet!!

  • Gibbysportzfreek

    redsn0w wont recognize my ios 5 software any help?

    • Kamil Wiecko

      you need redsn0w 0.98b1, point it to beta 1 IPSW

  • Guest

    YOU ARE A GOD!!!!!!!!!! THANK YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Sirknightrye

    thanks for the guide…

  • Unit057

    Wow, this is great. Was stuck trying to find a way to get iOS 5 Beta 2 to work as well as receiving and making phone calls. Good job!

  • Aditya

    lota man ..please help me …ifun box is showing an error adn says itunesmobiledevise.dll is absent adn is not recognising my iphone 3gs …im struct at activaiton …please help me

  • joel

    does it work for ipod touch 4g ? :)

  • Joel

    just incase u don’t know……. U R AWESOME !!! ILU

  • N2468tLOL

    Hey, isn’t i-Funbox for Mac and iPhone Explorer for Windows?

    • coconuthead101


  • Jlsh09

    My music won’t sync– I’ve already rebooted and ran as tethered, and deleted the appropriate key and string.

  • Simon B

    Thanks for this. I was running JB OS 4.3.3 on iPad 1 (originally broken with pwnage) and am trying to update to iOS5 B2. I am confused as to how to jailbreak the OS if it isn’t loaded? Do I restore in iTunes to 5.0b2 then run redsn0w pointing it to the downloaded 5.0b1 ipsw from the link above the video? Sorry for the noob question…

    • Mohamed Meraouna

      ia m in the same situation as you,first i can’t get redsn0w to recognize the ipsw,with sn0wbrease there is no problem,so i am not sure if the ipad is really jailbroken it is why i can’e see the file system on ifunbox

      • Simon B

        It’s not. I was forced to use pwnage to restore back to 4.3.3 as I couldn’t activate iPad either on its own or via iTunes, nor could I access the relevant root files. I tried 5.0b1 & 5.0b2 – redsn0w won’t accept either of them #fail

        • coconuthead101

          if you have ios 5 beta 2, u have to use redsn0w 0.9.8b1

    • Simon B

      Anyone manage to get this working pls?

  • Larslamborelle

    Should i use tethered boot everytime i reboot?

    • Lota Man

      Sent from my BlackBerry® Smartphone provided by Ufone

  • Beau Hall

    hello all it work on ios 5 beta 3 i have just try it

  • Commander Death

    hey all it works on ios 5 beta 3

  • Unit057

    does this work with the new iOS 5 Beta 3? Its new, but was just hoping the Beta 3 would work the same way when using this?

  • Jonathan Martin

    This should be updated for those that wanna try out iOS5 Beta 3. I tried it and it works. Only I used the updated redsn0w 0.9.8b2 to do the jailbreak.

    • Unit057

      iPhone browser cant find the location shown above to configure the .plist, (I will iFunbox on my Windows partition)

  • Unit057

    There isnt anything on the General_Storage folder. Its empty.

  • Bundyae85

    anyone no if this works on beta 3????

  • George

    this also works on iOS Beta 3.. I just did it on my iphone 4 GSM..

  • Halsifire

    Quick question, so is the notification center and multitasking not suppose to work at all? Or is this fixable?

  • Crzyguitardude

    how do you save the .plist file when your done? do you save as? or what?

    • Aaaa Aaaa

      save as

  • MMMM

    When I open i-Funbox I cannot find filesystem and it sais that iPad 1 is Jailed. PLEASE HELP ME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Asroon

    When i reboot it’s stuck on loading and it’s didn’t shut down my iPhone 4.
    Can anyone help me!? Please…..!!!
    Thank you!

  • Connellqnp27

    II’ve done this twice, but now i can’t use it at ALL. Activation fails every time… don’t know why

  • Markjlister

    works beta 5 ipod 4

  • Gsanders

    TO LATE, my daughter download the beta 5 without asking and now all i get is the screen that says connect to itunes for a complete restore to 4.3
    what can be done to fix this

  • Jowel1202

    I try to make all the steps , but I get stuck in the step # 4….. the key “ReleaseType beta.” doesn’t appear in my iphone system version plits….. Im using iexplorer for mac by the way

    • Lota Man

      Why do you need beta now, iOS 5 has been publicly released.