iPhone 5 and iOS 5 To Release On September 7?


A report claims that Apple will release iPhone 5 and the public version of iOS 5 on September 7. Up till now there has been no official word related to iPhone 5 release and there wasn't even a whisper of it at WWDC 2011. So is Apple finally gearing up for an iPhone 5 launch in September?

Previously, we reported that iPhone 5 September release was confirmed as its production had reached final stages. While we don't know much about the next generation iPhone design, there have been rumors that Apple may release two iPhone models this year, one possibly being the iPhone 4S.

On the other hand, Apple has only released iOS 5 beta 1 up till now, while another release of iOS 5 beta is expected somewhere around mid of July. At WWDC 2011, it was confirmed that iOS 5 will release with iCloud for all customers in Fall, but no specific date was given. This report claims that Apple may release both, the next generation iPhone and the final version of iOS 5 on September 7.

If you look at past release cycles of the iPhone, every year at the Worldwide Developers Conferences, Apple announces a new iPhone. However, at this year's WWDC, Apple didn't even say a word about the next generation iPhone, and the whole event was dedicated to iCloud, iOS 5 and Mac OS X Lion. Reports indicate that now Apple may break another tradition by pushing back release of the new iPod lineup, which is traditionally in September, for releasing the new iPhone.

One may ask, why would Apple do that? The answer is simple. The growing number of Android handsets in the market is increasing competition and Apple needs to put out a new iPhone in the market as soon as possible or risk losing a potential part of the market. For long, the iPhone has remained a dominant player, however now Android devices are quickly gathering consumer attention and are in turn ringing alarm bells at One Infinite Loop.

Nevertheless, we're yet to hear official word from Apple on this. Let's see if the Cupertinoes confirm that September 7 is indeed the date when the iPhone 5 will finally be released to iPhone hungry consumers.

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    i dont think so. they said that the iphone 5 is coming out some time in october and no one has a clue when ios 5 is out (sep. 7)

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      Sep 7 Is definitely a possibility.
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