Buy Official Unlocked GSM iPhone 4 From US Apple Stores Starting Today


The rumors were true. You can now buy an official unlocked iPhone 4 from Apple Retail Stores in the US. Previously we had heard that unlocked iPhone 4 would be offered starting Wednesday, now getting a GSM unlocked iPhone 4 in the US is as just as easy as walking in to an Apple Store and walking out with one!

For almost an year now, iPhone 4 in US has been sold locked to AT&T and recently locked to Verizon Wireless as well. Those who still wanted to unlock iPhone to run other carriers in or even outside the US, would then have to opt of software iPhone unlocks, which require complex procedures and also preserving baseband and jailbreaking your iPhone.

As of now, that comes to an end. Potential buyers can get ready to dish out $649 for a 16GB unlocked iPhone 4 and $749 for a 32GB unlocked iPhone 4.

However, the only people that will benefit from the availability of officially unlocked iPhone 4 are those who travel a lot and have to do a lot of SIM changing. On the other hand, if you're in the mood of using your T-Mobile SIM on your new unlocked iPhone 4, bear in mind that T-Mobile USA operates on a different frequency that is not compatible with the hardware of the iPhone 4, meaning that you can bid farewell to fast browsing on unlocked iPhone 4.

We doubt that the availability of official GSM unlocked iPhone 4 will create any lines outside Apple Retail Stores in the US, considering the fact that those who reside in the US are better off with a iPhone 4 on contract as this unlocked iPhone 4 is only said to function on supported GSM networks. In short, get this if your travel a lot around the world, not if you're planning to stay in the US for the greater amount of your life.

Also, keep in mind that the micro-SIM on your 3G iPad is not going to work with the unlocked GSM iPhone 4.

With the next generation iPhone just months away from release, don't you think people would think twice before investing a small fortune here? Drop us a comment !