MusicCenter Widget For iOS 5 Notification Center Shows Information Of What Music You’re Playing


The Android-esque Notification Center of iOS 5 brings two things. First, it amalgamates all of your notifications neatly at one place, and it also brings widgets. However, Apple has limited widgets in Notification Center to only those of the Stocks and Weather app. We already know that third party widgets for Notification Center are possible, and MusicCenter is going to be the second third party widget for Notification Center.

The first third party widget for Notification Center was UISettings, a nifty little widget that puts all those functions that you've seen in SBSettings right in the Notification Center.

Being developed by Aaron Wright, MusicCenter will show the current track info that is being played. He has said that MusicCenter will also come with additional features like “tap to tweet”, music controls, and other track info like rating, duration, etc.

Obviously, you can only install third party widgets if you have jailbroken your iPhone, iPad and iPod touch running iOS 5 beta 1 for now. You can do that by using redsn0w for Mac, redsn0w for Windows and sn0wbreeze for Windows.

MusicCenter is currently in the process of development, which means that you can have your say in any particular feature that you'll like to see in this widget. Drop us a comment and tell us, what else would you like in MusicCenter!

  • Anthony

    I would love to see pause/play + volume controls for the music in this widget. Other than that, looks great! I can’t wait to try it.

  • kidcarter

    I really hope I get an activation code this is awsome.

    • Lota Man

      Applied yet?

  • BGILL23

    do u still have activation spots left?

  • Suraj Choksi

    It would be great if you could rate the song as well

  • Lukas Kysela

    ios5 b7 not work

  • Jennifer

    Adding a widget for music controls would be awesome!