How To Find Your Device UDID For iOS 5 Activation


In this post, we'll show you how you can find the UDID of your iPhone, iPad and iPod touch for iOS 5 activation. It is mandatory that the UDID of your device be registered with the Apple Developer Program before you can install beta firmware on it. Since iOS 5 is in beta right now, you need to register the device UDID, and here's how you can find it out.

Step 1: Plug in your iPhone, iPad or iPod touch to the computer and launch iTunes.

Step 2: Now once in iTunes, select your device by clicking on its name in the left sidebar. Then, hover your mouse to where it says Serial Number and click on it.

You'll notice that Serial Number disappears, and in its place, appears Identifier (UDID) followed by a long string of numbers and alphabets. This is your device UDID. Copy it down very carefully.

That's it! This is your device UDID which you must get registered before you install beta firmware on your iPhone, iPad or iPod touch. If you do not get your UDID registered, your device will run the beta firmware, however, it will not be able to sync with iTunes, until and unless you get it registered, or you install the public version of the iOS firmware on your device.

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  • Oscar Ponciano

    @Lota Man. Once you do get your UDID activated do you need to get it activated for every other beta or its a one time thing and you can use any beta after?

    • Lota Man

      No, the UDID has to be registered only once. You will be able to run future beta firmware easily. Also, do keep in mind that only that device of which you have registered the UDID, will run beta firmware, not any other device.

  • Ros Venc

    System information/Hardware/USB/iPhone – Serial Number = UDID

    • Hardened

      on Mac its System Profiler (up until & including Snow Leopard; in Lion its called System Information). ;)

    • florian

      THANKS! you saved my ass (iPad)

  • Aziemail

    i update my ipad 1 to ios 5,i can’t see my udid number, there is a way that i can find my udid?

  • Bangnguyen2001

    I updated my ipad 2 ios5 and now I can not find muy UDID like above, is there another way to look for??? I am using win 7

  • Jordan

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  • Keitex

    Had mine activated at, received a confirmation within a minute of me paying!

    • Lota Man


    • Lota Man


  • Keitex

    Had mine activated at, received a confirmation within a minute of me paying!

  • Apple Girlfriend

    I can activate your UDID for you within minutes. Go to

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  • J Tobin

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  • Andrew

    Just used the recommend link for and they were well quick. Loving iOS 5 on my iPad! Can’t wait for the full release.

    • Lota Man


  • Michael Brewster

    Great Thanks alot

  • Shekhar

    i did a great mistake of uploading io5 without taking UDID. I have downloaded 10.5 itunes. Now itunes shows “the device is not registered with iphone developer program” . I am stuck. Please help how to proceed. Or else i would like to downgrade to 4.3.3. Please help

    • Brantley

      all you have to do is disconnect your computer from the internet and iTunes won’t be able to check the internet to see if your udid is registered. then, when you are allowed to press restore, make sure to connect back to the internet so that it will allow you to restore back to 4.3.3

      • Brantley

        you’re gonna have to restore back to 4.3.3 no matter what, then register the udid, and then you can go upgrade to iOS 5 again.

      • Shekhar

        I downloaded 4.3.3 but during restoring it says the file is corrupt. Is this some peculiar issue or can you give me good link where i can found 4.3.3 version.

      • Mason Schmitt

        if i unplug my internet it says it cant connect to the server…

    • Nikvenkata

      hey man, here what you are going to need to do. what you need to do first is downgrade your itunes, just do that off the apple website. now this is tricky because the new itunes 10.5 has renamed some folders so it will give you an error when downgrading itunes. just look up a tutorial on how to fix that. its fairley simple. once you have done that. download ios4.3.3 online somewhere. once you have the old itunes running. click restore WHILE PRESSING SHIFT. and select the ios4.3.3. once you do so, it should restore and downgrade to 4.3.3 hoped this helped. otherwise just send me an email at and i can give you a WAY better explanation. thanks!

  • Kevin Olson

    I have some dev spots left if any one wants to register their device and try ios 5. $7 iosdevaccess at gmail dot com

    • Lota Man

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  • John Asplundh

    Sweet Thanks

  • Justin Bieba

    WOW this really helped! Thanks you so much!

  • Bryan Casey

    Wireless sync..Woohooo

  • Tamoscar

    How to register?

  • Lol

    you also can use tiny umbrella

  • Kamon Junchana

    I would like to try before enroll iOS SDK

  • Mason Schmitt

    i have waited quite a few days and still haven’t got a email and i cant upgrade my 4th gen itouch. any advice? i used the copy method by clicking the serial number then pressing ctrl+c to copy the code. is this a problem? my itunes is on .5 beta adn everything but it stil wolt work. will some1 or lota man please reply?

  • Neil Andrades

    wireless sync is the great thing on ios 5

  • Mark

    Airplay video mirroring–all over that.

  • Houtan Marzi

    help.i have some problem with activating my ipad 1.
    i send UDID number but i don’t things this is enough.
    this fucking upgrade make me crazy.
    i tried very method to activated but …

  • Yeng Xiong

    love the status notify

  • Csdalton

    who can i register my iphone 4 with its a cdma iphone 4

  • Apple

    my favorite ios 5 feature is the imessages

  • Ytikim

    I love the status bar! cant wait to try it!

  • Actingkenneth

    I like the wireless sync most.

  • Anonymous

    I love wifi sync and notificatio center.

  • Burak Şentürk

    I love notification center but also imessage seems to be perfect but i havent tried it yet

  • dogmatique

    For anyone else who installed ios5 without getting their UDID registered first like I did and is stuck at activation- quickest way of finding it without having to downgrade and all that crap – download iPhone Configuration Utility, click on the device, export the details, open in notepad and copy the device identifier string. Et voila! Now register it in dev center and away you go! Doh.

    • Guest

      THANK YOU!!!!

  • Donnybwisor

    Love that you can use the volume button to take pictures.

  • Donnybwisor

    Love that you can use the volume button to take pictures.

  • Tobiklink

    ich hoffe es klapt das meine udid registriert wirt ich suche schon eine weile

  • raymond

    PLZZ I NEED HELP!!! I activated UDID then i updated ios 5 beta 2 to ios 5 beta 5 and now i wen i set my ipod up as a new one it says that i have to activate my devide. my activated using his develepor account so what should i do?

  • Minnie

    I was playing apps game on my ipad and paid $0.99 for more gold coins in the game. No gold coins arrived. Contacted support and they required my UDID in order to push the coins onto my ipad. I gave them my ipad’s UDID and got the coins. Been recently getting a tad paranoid. If people know your UDID, can do some data collecting off your ipad or mess with your accounts? What can some one with your UDID do to/with/on your ipad?

  • Kamdar_dharmesh


  • Tech Reviews0

    Once You copy the letters and numbers, whats the next step

  • Simon

    iCloud! My IPAD needs to change clothes and new pockets